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Hollywood tries to undercut bootleggers

Jocelyn Ford | Sep 29, 2006
Warner Bros. is employing new tactics to battle China's DVD pirates. It's releasing the "Superman Returns" DVD earlier and cheaper in China, but will it work? Jocelyn Ford reports.

British firms protest age discrimination law

Stephen Beard | Sep 29, 2006
Some British employers are complaining about a new law banning age discrimination at work, saying it will be costly, confusing and unfair. Stephen Beard reports.
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Another Sony battery recall

Brian Watt | Sep 29, 2006
Sony has lost more power in the battery market. IBM, Lenovo and Toshiba are the latest PC manufacturers to recall batteries for their laptops. Brian Watt reports.
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Recalling the term 'recall'

Helen Palmer | Sep 29, 2006
Doctors and manufactures are lobbying health regulators to discontinue use of the word "recall" when issuing advisories on faulty heart devices. Helen Palmer reports.
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Taking English out of India's tech capital

Miranda Kennedy | Sep 29, 2006
The city of Bangalore is India's IT capital, but the state government there launched a linguistic crackdown this week that critics say could threaten that status. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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HP drama unfolds on Capitol Hill

Ashley Milne-Tyte and Kai Ryssdal | Sep 28, 2006
Hewlett-Packard execs reported to Washington today for a Congressional hearing into the company's pretexting scandal. We take a look at the day's events and the legality — or illegality — of the practice that's caused the stir.
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Boardroom leaks are HP's original sin

| Sep 28, 2006
Commentator and business forecaster Knight Kiplinger is concerned that too little attention is focused on the original sin at the heart of the HP scandal: board members blabbing to the press.

Losing money on oil in Iraq

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Sep 28, 2006
Iraq's oil industry has lost $16 billion over the past two years to insurgent attacks, crime and sub-par equipment. On top of that, Iraq is paying billions more for refined petroleum imports. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Mobile ESPN doesn't make the cut

Lisa Napoli | Sep 28, 2006
After less than a year, ESPN is closing down its cell phone operation aimed at sports fans. Now it'll try to make deals with other wireless operators to offer multimedia content. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Weighing GDP dark matter

| Sep 28, 2006
The government is considering new ways to calculate the Gross Domestic Product in order to include intangible assets such as research and development. Hillary Wicai explains.
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