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Mango ice-breaker for trade talks

Miranda Kennedy | Apr 11, 2007
The U.S. is trying to make nice in the global trade arena — or at least nicer. Washington is giving India greater access to the American consumer market by lifting the ban on its mangoes. In return, India's allowing Harley sales there.
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Insuring hurricane alley

John Dimsdale | Apr 11, 2007
States in hurricane alley want a national catastrophe fund, but those inland are asking why they should be burdened. And critics want to know why the insurance companies need bailouts at all when they keep posting record profits.
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Talk of a record buyout

| Apr 11, 2007
The Ontario Teachers Pension Plan is reportedly considering a takeover bid for media giant Bell Canada. The expected offer of $45 billion would make it the biggest leveraged buyout in history.
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New Index Funds

Chris Farrell | Apr 10, 2007
Index funds are boring, right? Not quite. The index fund world is in turmoil....
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Lower earnings? No problem

Amy Scott | Apr 10, 2007
Corporate America has posted 14 quarters of double-digit earnings growth. But in this earnings season analysts predict S&P 500 companies will report only about 3.5% growth. And analysts say that's OK. Amy Scott reports.

Nuclear power, Texas style

Lisa Napoli | Apr 10, 2007
Texas-based utility TXU is keeping a promise, scrapping its plans for coal-fired facilities. It now wants to build some of the biggest nuclear power plants the United States has ever seen. Lisa Napoli reports.

Vermont emissions trial revs up

| Apr 10, 2007
A federal trial is underway involving car companies and Vermont over the state's regulation of CO2. Dan Esty, who teaches environmental law at Yale University, lays out the issues with Kai Ryssdal.
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Converting pounds into dollars

Helen Palmer | Apr 10, 2007
Besides the impact to your health, there are costs of carrying too much flesh on your bones. Helen Palmer reports in our occasional series on the economic effects of fat.
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Student-loan deals draw legal interest

| Apr 10, 2007
Investigations into the student loan industry continue to widen. Kai Ryssdal talks with education policy expert Stephen Burd about how schools and lenders are trying to sort things out.
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Chavez opponents left jobless, blacklisted

Dan Grech | Apr 10, 2007
Just as in the U.S., controversy over politically motivated firings is raging in Venezuela. But the scale of the alleged political discrimination is far wider. Dan Grech reports.