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FAA head takes heat for lobby job

Steve Henn | Sep 13, 2007
Federal Aviation Administration head Marion Blakey is leaving government service to take a job with the Aerospace Industry Association, an industry lobbying group. The move has sparked criticism in Washington. Steve Henn reports.
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Please come to our rural college

Ethan Lindsey | Sep 13, 2007
The number of college-aged students in rural areas is dwindling and the local universities are struggling to stay open. Ethan Lindsey explores what some colleges are doing to stay afloat.
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Credit card debt? Mortgage can wait

Steve Tripoli | Sep 13, 2007
The subprime loan crisis is making some homeowners shift priorities. One big credit counseling service found that many clients are paying their credit cards before they cover the mortgage. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Brazil wants in on U.S. ethanol

Dan Grech | Sep 13, 2007
High import tariffs and subsidies for U.S. producers have made it difficult a difficult market for ethanol, but Brazil doesn't want to be kept out. Dan Grech reports.

Can Italians really give up pasta?

Scott Jagow | Sep 13, 2007
With the price of wheat at an all-time high, consumer groups in Italy are urging people to go on a pasta strike for one day. Reporter Megan Williams talks to Scott Jagow from Rome about whether or not this is actually possible.
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Tough times ahead for the dollar

Stephen Beard | Sep 12, 2007
The greenback fell to an all-time low against the Euro today, mostly on speculation that the Federal Reserve is going to cut interest rates. But those cuts may have to be steeper than anybody expected. Stephen Beard reports.
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'Better to send the food than money'

| Sep 12, 2007
Refugees flee Zimbabwe by the thousands every month. No matter where they wind up, Zimbabwean ex-pats try to find ways to help feed their relatives at home -- relying on some high-tech help. Jennifer Collins reports.

Inflation guts Zimbabwe's economy

Gretchen Wilson | Sep 12, 2007
Zimbabwe suffers from an inflation rate the government pegs at 7,000 percent. But it's maybe two or three times that in actual practice. Reporter Gretchen Wilson helps us understand what that really means.

O.J.'s new book: Goldman did it

Kai Ryssdal | Sep 12, 2007
If you thought O.J. Simpson's new book had been abandoned in the face of public outrage, it had. Now one of the leaders of that protest will be profiting from the book instead. Tim Rutten of the Los Angeles Times explains.
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China promises safe toys for Christmas

Kai Ryssdal | Sep 12, 2007
With the holiday season looming on the horizon, China is promising buyers that toys made within its borders will be safe for kids come Christmas. Kai Ryssdal talks with toy expert Chris Byrne about the future of "Made in China."
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