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Buzzword: Open access

| Jul 27, 2007
Some think the airwaves should be more accessible for public use. Big wireless phone companies see it differently.

Despite strong GDP, another down day

Steve Henn | Jul 27, 2007
After yesterday's big sell-off, the day began with news that the gross domestic product was up 3.4%. Good news, right? Well, the Dow gave up another 200 points. Steve Henn explains.
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A black mark on Blackstone ... and others

Jeff Tyler | Jul 27, 2007
Until this week, private equity was all the buzz on Wall Street, with the Blackstone Group the hottest. But now it's one of the weakest IPOs of the year, and other private-equity firms are having second thoughts about going public. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Reward CEOs with 'hands-off options'

| Jul 27, 2007
Corporate America's latest no-no is stock-option backdating, which has been used to give executives incentive pay. Commentator Jesse Fried says there's a better way to reward the people at the top.
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L.A. company to put black art up for bid

| Jul 27, 2007
Art from a collection owned by the Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company is set to be auctioned in coming weeks. The collection has been open to the public. What will happen to it after the hammer falls? Adolfo Guzman-Lopez reports.

Week on Wall Street

Kai Ryssdal | Jul 27, 2007
Stockbroker and business analyst David Johnson talks with host Kai Ryssdal about Wall Street's wild week and what may lie ahead.
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Barclays has got game, China the money

Stephen Beard | Jul 27, 2007
In the $100 billion bidding war for the Dutch banking group ABN AMRO, Britain's Barclays has found a deep-pocket partner: the Chinese government. Stephen Beard reports on what each party can gain from the other.

Can Crocs go the distance?

Sam Eaton | Jul 27, 2007
The craze for Crocs footwear has outlasted most analysts' projections. It announced yesterday its 2nd-quarter earnings tripled. Yet, it could be tricky for the Colorado-based shoemaker to keep up the pace. Sam Eaton reports.
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March may be on for Club Penguin

Lisa Napoli | Jul 27, 2007
A social networking site for children run by a little Canadian start-up company is said to have captured the attention of big media companies who might be willing to pay as much as half a billion dollars for it. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Market Meltdown

Chris Farrell | Jul 27, 2007
Does the global market meltdown signal the end of the global boom or, at least, a dramatic slowing in the U.S. economny? I don't think so. The...