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Being too poor not to go to the dump

| Oct 23, 2007
Sometimes it's not how much you pay but where you find things. Commentator Mary Annette Pember says for Native Americans, the town dump has historically been a key part of the economy.

Doing legal battle with terrorism funders

Kai Ryssdal | Oct 23, 2007
The Bush Administration has had a difficult time fully prosecuting organizations accused of financing terrorism. Kai Ryssdal talks with Dennis Lormel, who ran the FBI's terrorist financing task force, about uncovering these funding networks.
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Once burned, twice shy?

| Oct 23, 2007
The insurance bill from the Southern California wildfires could total into the billions of dollars. Will that change how we live? Kai Ryssdal asked Martin Grace, a professor of risk management, what he thinks.
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Blue Card: Don't leave home without it?

Dan Grech | Oct 23, 2007
In an effort to attract highly skilled immigrant workers, the European Union is proposing its version of the U.S. "green card" visa. It would offer faster approval and employment guarantees. And it has U.S. businesses worried. Dan Grech reports.
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New rules open more workers to 401k's

Sarah Gardner | Oct 23, 2007
The Labor Department has announced new rules that make it easier for companies to automatically enroll workers in retirement plans like 401k's. And the government will favor investments that take some risks. Sarah Gardner reports.

Countrywide tries changing bad to good

Bob Moon | Oct 23, 2007
Countrywide Financial Corp. is promising to reach out to 82,000 of its borrowers and refinance or modify around $16 billion in home loans. Consumer advocates say it's about time. Bob Moon reports.
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No online poker? Some can't deal

Jeremy Hobson | Oct 23, 2007
A group is lobbying for Congress to legalize Internet poker, essentially reversing a ban on online gambling. Jeremy Hobson looks into whether or not it could be in the cards.
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Blue is the new Green card

Kyle James | Oct 23, 2007
The E.U. is unveiling a "Blue Card" program in an effort to better retain its pool of skilled foreign workers. Kyle James juxtaposes Europe's new work visa with the U.S. Green Card.
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Dinner's getting cold in Germany

| Oct 23, 2007
Cafe patrons in colder regions of Germany enjoy outdoor meals with the help of gas-powered heat lamps. But a proposed bill could ban the heaters, which can emit as much CO2 as a small car. Brett Neely reports.

FAA gets JFK talks off the ground

Jeremy Hobson | Oct 23, 2007
Airline passengers at JFK airport are used to waiting an hour for take-off -- while boarded on the plane. The Federal Aviation Administration is stepping in to try to fix the problem. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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