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Budget stalemate closing down Jersey

Amy Scott | Jul 3, 2006
New Jersey was mostly closed today. By Wednesday, state parks, beaches — and even Atlantic City's casinos — could also be closed. Amy Scott reports on the shutdown and the budget battle that prompted it.

NYC construction grinds to a halt

Bob Moon | Jul 3, 2006
Hundreds of construction sites in New York City have closed due to striking construction workers. If no agreement is reached, the strike could affect more than a thousand sites after the July 4 holiday. Bob Moon reports.
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Waiting for a president

Dan Grech | Jul 3, 2006
Mexico's election authority says Sunday's presidential race is a statistical dead heat and it will take days to finish counting ballots. From Mexico City, Dan Grech has more on the economic impact of the uncertainty.
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Battle of . . . Gettysburg Casino, Resort & Spa?

| Jul 3, 2006
Gettysburg, Pa. was the site of our Civil War's bloodiest battle 143 years ago. Now that slots-only gambling has been legalized in Pennsylvania, some want to build a casino and spa near the battlefield. The verbal guns are blazing, reports Martha Woodroof.

Modern capitalism is color-blind

| Jul 3, 2006
Newspapers around the country have recently chronicled the dire economic plight of many black men. Commentator Marcellus Andrews says the issue has less to do with racism and more to do with the nature of our economy.
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A town divided by footwear

Kyle James | Jul 3, 2006
Sportswear giants Adidas and Puma both hail from one small town in southern Germany. They actually began as one family-owned company until a bitter rivalry split it — and their hometown — in two. Kyle James has the story.
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Budget standoff in New Jersey

Amy Scott | Jul 3, 2006
All but essential state services are closed in New Jersey today. That could leave thousands of government workers without paychecks. It also spells trouble for the state's casino industry. Amy Scott explains.

Hotels make a comeback

Alex Cohen | Jul 3, 2006
It's going to be a busy and lucrative summer for hotels this year. Alex Cohen tells us why.

Airbus execs quit

Stephen Beard | Jul 3, 2006
Two top executives at European aircraft maker Airbus and its parent company have quit, forced out of office two weeks after announcing delays in the company's new super jumbo jet A380. Stephen Beard reports.
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Second half preview

Rachel Dornhelm | Jul 3, 2006
With the year half over, Rachel Dornhelm asked economists to grade the economy's 2006 performance so far and look ahead to the next six months.
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