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Music sharing lawsuit goes to court

Jill Barshay | Oct 4, 2007
The record industry is finally going to trial after thousands of lawsuits against people who share music online illegally. The results of the trial could affect future lawsuits, as Jill Barshay reports.
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Barclays losing ABN AMRO deal

Stephen Beard | Oct 4, 2007
It seems Barclays is set to admit defeat in the battle for Dutch bank ABN AMRO, in light of a cash offer by rival Royal Bank of Scotland. Stephen Beard reports on a possible resolution.
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Argentina's inflation raises questions, too

| Oct 3, 2007
Rising prices will be a big issue for the next leader of Argentina. Government figures are expected to peg the annual inflation rate at 8%, but many economists say the actual rate is much higher. Rachel Hopkin reports.
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Let's scrap employer-based health care

| Oct 3, 2007
General Motors just unloaded billions of dollars in health-care obligations. Commentator Robert Reich thinks G.M.'s a fine example for the rest of the country.
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Road construction paved with problems

| Oct 3, 2007
Inefficiencies in the way the road construction industry operates costs the nation billions of dollars. Monica Brady-Myerov reports.
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Toy of the day: iPod Touch

Kai Ryssdal | Oct 3, 2007
The latest, hot item from Apple is the iPod Touch -- basically an iPhone with a few things left out. Kevin Pereira from G-4 television talks with Kai Ryssdal about its cool features and high price -- for now.
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Website puts Target in lawsuit crosshairs

Sarah Gardner | Oct 3, 2007
A new class-action lawsuit alleges Target is breaking state and federal laws because its website isn't accessible to the blind. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Bill would restrict private military firms

John Dimsdale | Oct 3, 2007
The growing role of private security forces in war zones has exposed a legal gray area that shields them from U.S. or Iraqi laws. But a new House bill would hold them accountable. John Dimsdale reports.

Polishing a tarnished, subprime image

Steve Tripoli | Oct 3, 2007
Countrywide, the nation's biggest mortgage company, is gearing up for a major public relations campaign to improve its subprime-debacle image. Steve Tripoli reports that Countrywide needs to be careful how it deploys the PR playbook.
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Another use for taxes: more legroom

Amy Scott | Oct 3, 2007
Goverment workers are routinely abusing the rules of first and business-class when they buy their plane tickets, according to a congressional report out this morning. Amy Scott reports these findings aren't terribly new.
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