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Disney losing its magic in Hong Kong

| Dec 25, 2007
Attendance at Hong Kong Disneyland is down significantly since its first year open. Kate Woodsome reports the government may be willing to help the theme park if it can bring economic benefits to the city.
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When God comes to Knock

| Dec 25, 2007
The tiny town of Knock, Ireland has become a popular Catholic pilgrimage since residents say they saw an apparition of Virgin Mary in 1879. Rico Gagliano visited a community business centered around the devoted.

Santa should avoid those transfats

| Dec 25, 2007
Knowing the powerful influence Santa has on children, a marketing campaign wants to slim down the jolly fat man's image. But Cash Peters says trading cookies for carrot sticks ruins the holiday spirit.
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Small loans appeal to bootstrap crowd

Rachel Dornhelm | Dec 25, 2007
Peer-to-peer lending websites have made it increasingly possible for everyday people to lend to entrepreneurs around the world. Rachel Dornhelm reports the down-to-earth businesses tend to get the most cash.
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Hoping for merry box office sales

Sarah Gardner | Dec 25, 2007
Christmas day is one of the most popular days for movies, and the studios are expecting hotter box office sales this year than last. Sarah Gardner tells us what flicks might catch an audience this season.
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Long commute for Canadian oil worker

| Dec 25, 2007
Most of Canada's crude oil is out west, in the oil sands of Alberta. Thirty-thousand people work there. Blair Ghent lives in Newfoundland, on the other side of the country. He makes the long commute alone, but he's not the only one dealing with the hardship. Chris Brookes reports.
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Churches rely on Christmas rush, too

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Dec 24, 2007
Retailers aren't the only ones counting on the Christmas rush. December is high season for church going. And while year-end isn't exactly make-or-break time for churches, the way it is for stores, it is a key time to fill up those coffers. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Drive for profit, salvation haunt 'Blood'

| Dec 24, 2007
Among the films opening this week is "There Will Be Blood." Daniel Day-Lewis stars as a wildcat oil driller in this loose adaptation of an Upton Sinclair novel. Commentator John Brady says the film offers a look at some uniquely American themes.

Zimbabwe children fend for themselves

Gretchen Wilson | Dec 24, 2007
With Zimbabwe's inflation out of control and about 80% of its workforce unemployed, thousands of its citizens are crossing into South Africa illegally to find work. Many of them are children who make that journey by themselves. Gretchen Wilson reports.

Turning good works into good business

Amy Scott | Dec 24, 2007
A community of Cistercian monks in Wisconsin has developed a Web business reselling ink and toner cartridges for printers at a discount. Sarah Caniglia wrote a book about her experiences helping the "laser monks" run their website. She talks with host Amy Scott.