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Chris Farrell | Aug 24, 2007
One of my favorite blogs is the ongoing discussion between University of Chicao economist and Nobel laureate Gary Becker and University of Chicago...

Braced for more bad housing news

Steve Henn | Aug 24, 2007
New home sales numbers for July come out this morning and most analysts expect bad news as problems in the mortgage industry continue to leave builders with fewer and fewer potential home buyers. And the worst is still to come, Steve Henn reports.
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Oscar season just over the hill

| Aug 24, 2007
The Toronto Film Festival gets underway in two weeks, unofficially signaling the transition at the box office from summer blockbusters to Academy Awards hopefuls. Variety's Mike Speier tells us what that's all about.
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Making real money in the virtual world

Scott Jagow | Aug 24, 2007
If you haven't been paying attention to something called Second Life, you could be missing out. It's the virtual home to a whole new economy that can generate very real revenue. We asked Edward Castronova how companies can benefit.
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A Monster hack job

Amy Scott | Aug 24, 2007
More than a million job seekers will be getting a letter from soon letting them know hackers have stolen their personal information. The theft comes at a rough time for the job site, Amy Scott reports.
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U.S. education suddenly a hard sell

Dan Grech | Aug 24, 2007
Visa delays, an unpopular war and an immigration crackdown have made America a less appealing destination for international students, and that could be bad for the U.S. economy down the road. Dan Grech explains.
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Vitamins going under FDA microscope

Jill Barshay | Aug 24, 2007
Federal regulators are finally doing something about inaccuracies in the $22 billion vitamin and herbal supplement industry. New quality standards start today, but consumers shouldn't expect to see change right away. Jill Barshay explains.
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NYMEX is 'the place to be'

Stacey Vanek Smith | Aug 24, 2007
The New York Mercantile Exchange is looking for merger partner and it has a lot to offer potential mates. NYMEX stock has been rising by leaps and bounds since it went public late last year. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Gazprom coming to the U.S.?

Stephen Beard | Aug 24, 2007
In a roundabout way, the Russian energy giant Gazprom could become major natural gas supplier to the U.S. according to reports in the Russian press. Stephen Beard has details.
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Panic is over but not the problem

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 23, 2007
The markets seem to have calmed down a bit from the initial mortgage meltdown shock, but has the worst passed? Kai Ryssdal talked with financial strategist Richard Bove to get some guidance.
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