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Chrysler's got an inventory overload

Janet Babin | Oct 16, 2006
Some DaimlerChrysler dealers are flexing their muscles and refusing to take cars they didn't order. That's putting pressure on the automaker to ramp up incentives to unload excess inventory. Janet Babin reports.

Reuters opens virtual bureau . . . for real

Kai Ryssdal | Oct 16, 2006
Users of online worlds transact millions of real dollars worth of virtual goods and services every day and that means there's real business news to cover. Confused? Host Kai Ryssdal sorts it out with Reuters' Second Life bureau chief Adam Pasick.
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Courting the Arab American vote

Nancy Farghalli | Oct 16, 2006
Michigan's 400,000-strong Arab community has been pushing to register new voters as the gubernatorial election nears, but they're missing one crucial political element: donations. Nancy Farghalli reports.

Credit Suisse loses $120 million

Amy Scott | Oct 16, 2006
Derivatives are risky. They're bets basically — an easy way to lose money. There's word today that Switzerland's second largest bank lost a whole lot on a bad bet in South Korea. Amy Scott reports.
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Accounting industry scales down

Steve Tripoli | Oct 16, 2006
Twenty-two mid-sized accounting firms opened up shop today — jointly as Baker Tilly USA. And the fact that they can compete for clients against the Big 4 speaks volumes about the post-Enron accounting world. Steve Tripoli reports.

An unhealthy obsession with eating healthy?

| Oct 16, 2006
Fast food can make some people a little sick to their stomachs, but Cal Berkeley student Catherine Price discovered that learning how to eat well can make you feel a little sick too. She might even be orthorexic.
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Coffee house government

| Oct 16, 2006
The average American drinks about 45 gallons of coffee a year and politicians are tapping into that constituency. From Seattle, Amy Radil explains.

Yahoo vs. Google

Scott Jagow | Oct 16, 2006
Host Scott Jagow talks to Newsweek Magazine's Wall Street Editor Allan Sloan about the differences between two of Silicon Valley's biggest titans: Yahoo and Google.
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Big business goes small-town

| Oct 16, 2006
Google recently set up shop in a tiny town in Oregon. David Welch looks at what attracted the Internet giant to the rural locale — and whether the move is part of a larger trend.

Cleaner diesel fuel is here

Rachel Dornhelm | Oct 16, 2006
Today strict new standards for diesel fuel take effect at the pump. And the new and improved fuel could create a ripple of fuel-efficiency in the auto industry, Rachel Dornhelm reports.