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Buzzword: Hope Now

| Oct 12, 2007
The Bush Administration wants to send a little hope to homeowners with a troubled mortgage. And by hope, they mean friendly, encouraging mail.

Branson comes to Northern Rock's aid

Kyle James | Oct 12, 2007
Sir Richard Branson may rescue Northern Rock by giving cash to the struggling British lender. Kyle James reports this would be a good thing for Branson's Virgin Group.
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A move to overpower The New Deal

| Oct 12, 2007
Paul Krugman's new book, "The Conscience of a Liberal," considers a group determined to take over the Republican party and Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal. Doug Krizner discusses a gamut of issues with the author.
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This highway brought to you by Spain

Dan Grech | Oct 12, 2007
Brazil is larger than the continental U.S., but the economy is being threatened by a crumbling infrastructure. So the government sold 1,600 miles of highway to private companies to help turn things around. Dan Grech reports.

Americans skeptical about free trade

Steve Henn | Oct 12, 2007
President Bush wants Congress to support trade agreements in countries like Colombia and South Korea. But some Americans are wary of free trade. Steve Henn explores what's causing the lack of enthusiasm.

A foreclosure means an eviction

Sam Eaton | Oct 12, 2007
The crisis in the housing market is hitting a growing number of landlords and their tenants. Sam Eaton looks at how far the situation could escalate for renters.
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Big wins on small budgets

Lisa Napoli | Oct 12, 2007
The Colorado Rockies may not be working with a big budget, but they're still running in the playoffs. Lisa Napoli talks to sports commentator Diana Nyad about small-team philosophy that pays off.
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New languages for an expanding Web

Janet Babin | Oct 11, 2007
Right now, Web addresses are limited to Roman letters -- not much help to the billions who use different alphabets. But beginning Monday, 11 new languages will take Web surfers to new, non-Roman destinations, and may cause new legal headaches.
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Come travel through time to ARM future

Steve Tripoli | Oct 11, 2007
Over the next year or so millions of adjustable rate mortgages will recalibrate to higher interest rates. We asked Steve Tripoli to climb into the Marketplace time machine with the dials set for, say, next August and give us tomorrow's news today.
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Kiddie cold meds pulled off shelves

Jeremy Hobson | Oct 11, 2007
Studies have found over-the-counter cold medicines can have serious side effects, and there's no proof they work in young children. Big Pharma companies are pulling them off the shelves ahead of an FDA hearing.
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