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Calm skies bring windfall for insurers

Dan Grech | Nov 29, 2006
Despite dire predictions, there hasn't been a major hurricane in the U.S. this year. That's good news for folks in Florida and along the Gulf Coast — and even better news for insurers. Dan Grech reports.

Bolivia to return land to its indigenous poor

Bob Moon | Nov 29, 2006
President Evo Morales has secured a radical proposal to confiscate many acres of private land and redistribute it to Bolivia's indigenous poor. Host Bob Moon talks to reporter Damian Kahya.
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Prescription for profits: Hand out pink slips

Helen Palmer | Nov 29, 2006
Pfizer has announced that it will slash 20 percent of its workforce. The company's plagued by an industry-wide problem, as drug reps find it harder and harder to get face time with doctors. Helen Palmer reports.
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Bring Big Pharma to the table

| Nov 29, 2006
Democrats want to use Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices for seniors. Republicans and drug companies say it'll amount to government price controls. Commentator Robert Reich says that's absurd.
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Local budgets rise and fall with housing

Hilary Wicai | Nov 29, 2006
Declining home values aren't just bad for the families who need to sell. They also hurt cities and counties that rely on property taxes for their budgets. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Subsidy is the problem

Miranda Kennedy | Nov 29, 2006
Commentator David Frum says boosting loans to college students amounts to a government subsidy for academia.

Keeping Beirut's nights alive

Ben Gilbert | Nov 29, 2006
Amid wars and assassination, many in Beirut have turned to the city's nightclubs for escape. Ben Gilbert looks at the difficulties club owners face in keeping the doors open.
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GM's new fuel-efficient vision

Sarah Gardner | Nov 29, 2006
The world largest automaker, accused of undermining the electric car in the '90s, is set to announce new fuel-saving technology today. Sarah Gardner reports.

Celebrex for kids?

Steve Tripoli | Nov 29, 2006
An FDA commission today is expected to consider whether pain reliever Celebrex is suitable to treat juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Americans online faster, more often

Brian Watt | Nov 29, 2006
A report out today says more than half of us are using broadband to surf the Web — and those high-speed Internet connections are changing our relationship with the computer. Brian Watt reports.
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