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Be nice to bank robbers

| Apr 16, 2007
That's right, go ahead and kill 'em with kindness. FBI agents in Seattle are training bank employees in the robbery-plagued city to identify and approach suspicious customers, and the program seems to be working.
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New suitors for ABN Amro

Stephen Beard | Apr 16, 2007
After nearly a month of negotiating, London's Barclays suddenly finds itself competing for the attentions of Dutch bank ABN Amro. A consortium made up of three other European banks may be prepared to pay more.
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Sallie Mae says yes

Steve Henn and Scott Jagow | Apr 16, 2007
Student loan giant Sallie Mae has agreed to a $25 billion buyout. Shareholders still have to approve the deal, but there's already resistance in Washington where lawmakers are concerned about the industry becoming even less transparent.
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Apartment Rents?

Chris Farrell | Apr 15, 2007
There still seems to be an expectation that apartment rent prices will rise this year, but I don't buy it. The supply of housing is simply too big,...

Money and Politics

Chris Farrell | Apr 15, 2007
We all know money in politics is disturbing. And about the safest forecast I can make is this: The candidates for the White House will raise record...

The Merrill Lynch Rule

Chris Farrell | Apr 15, 2007
I don't think the U.S. Court of Appeals decision striking down on March 30th the "Merrill Lynch rule" has gotten enough attention. It looks like...

Straight Story: Get a pre-nup

| Apr 13, 2007
Chris Farrell enters wedding season with a plea for financial sanity.

Coming clean at high cost

| Apr 13, 2007
Refusing to pay your taxes can cost you more than ever. Trey Kay talks to a woman who ignored her debt to Uncle Sam and finally came clean - for a price.

Getting a slice of the green economy

| Apr 13, 2007
From consulting to carpentry, the market is fast growing for jobs that help the environment. And the money's not bad either. Sam Eaton looks into what it takes to go "green collar."

Buzzword: Preferred lender

| Apr 13, 2007
Taking out loans to pay for a college is a staple of higher education. And so is corruption.