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Automakers turn up heat on mileage proposals

Sam Eaton | Mar 14, 2007
U.S. and foreign auto execs and the UAW are lobbying hard in Washington against proposals requiring higher gas mileage. Sam Eaton reports on the high stakes of climate-change legislation.
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Big players make a subprime choice

Kai Ryssdal | Mar 14, 2007
Nervousness over the subprime mortgage market is causing some wild swings in the stock market. Kai Ryssdal talks with the Wall Street Journal's Kate Kelly about the big names who are entering the fray.

Abbott pulls its drugs out of Thailand

Sarah Gardner | Mar 14, 2007
Abbott Labs, which makes the AIDS tablet Kaletra, announced today it won't sell any new drugs in Thailand, because the Thai government has been breaking patents on its AIDS medicines. Sarah Gardner reports.
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To win in Iraq, fix the U.S. bureaucracy

| Mar 14, 2007
Commentator Newt Gingrich says troop deployment debates are important, but lawmakers and the president ought to be fixing other things.

U.K. stats office only multiplies divisions

Stephen Beard | Mar 14, 2007
In Britain, official reports have a history of being less than objective. So, Parliament created an independent statistics office. But for many the numbers still don't add up. Stephen Beard reports.

Mr. Black, about that missing $84 million . . .

Kai Ryssdal | Mar 14, 2007
Canadian media mogul Conrad Black went on trial for fraud in Chicago today. Kai Ryssdal talks about the case against Black with reporter James Langton of The Daily Telegraph in London.
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The separation of church and real estate

Eric Niiler | Mar 14, 2007
The Episcopal Church has been divided over issues such as gay rights, with some congregants leaving in protest. In Falls Church, Va., that split has come down to a property fight. Eric Niiler reports.

Let's keep candidates off Wall Street

| Mar 14, 2007
Commentator Robert Reich says as presidential candidates spend less time at coffee klatches and more time talking to investment bankers, the American people are getting short-changed.
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Another Mexican border to cross

Dan Grech | Mar 14, 2007
For many illegal immigrants, the journey to the U.S. begins south of Mexico. But traffic across its Guatemalan border isn't one-way. There's a $10 billion contraband economy based on the loosely-patrolled perimeter.
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Light bulb maker flips the switch

Hilary Wicai | Mar 14, 2007
Environmentalists have been pushing people to switch to energy-saving lighting for years. Now even the world's biggest light bulb maker is saying it's a bright idea.