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Katrina's wrecks now Bolivia's headache

| Aug 27, 2007
Cars damaged by Hurricane Katrina have been making their way into Bolivia for sale. "Katrina cars" are sold cheaply and look almost new on the outside, but have serious mechanical problems. Ruxandra Guidi has more.
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Giving the U.S. bad rep by giving billions

Dan Grech | Aug 27, 2007
Venezuela has been promising enough aid to its Latin American neighbors to make U.S. donations look a little paltry. But some U.S. policymakers say the country can't keep all of its promises. Dan Grech reports.
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Paying to put out Greece's flames

Stephen Beard and Tess Vigeland | Aug 27, 2007
Greek authorities have declared a state of emergency due to the country's forest fires, and they're offering a hefty reward to anyone who can help nab the arsonists. Tess Vigeland talks to Marketplace's Stephen Beard in London.
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Moving mountains to mine coal

| Aug 27, 2007
Last Friday, the Bush Administration introduced coal-mining policy change that would loosen the requirement that coal operators prove their strip mining doesn't damage streams and wildlife. Commentator Jeff Biggers sees devestating results in the form of mountaintop removal.

'Oh, so I was in an abusive relationship'

Gretchen Wilson | Aug 27, 2007
A South African group has added a twist to its mircofinancing practice by providing additional training to its entrepreneurs — which is allowing some women to say "no" to their husbands for the first time. Gretchen Wilson reports.
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Ready to go back in the subprime water?

Steve Henn | Aug 27, 2007
The recent problems terrorizing the mortgage market are likely to scare off some investors for some time to come. But sale prices in the aftermath could also lure in bargain hunters. Steve Henn reports.

Bailing out lenders for a profit... or not

| Aug 27, 2007
Bank of America got a lot of attention on Wall Street last week for a timely loan that saved mortgage lender Countrywide Financial. But it also got a heckuva deal, says Allan Sloan, the kind taxpayers can only wish the Fed and the ECB were getting.

No. 1 threat: Credit crunch, not terrorism

Janet Babin | Aug 27, 2007
Survey says: Economists now cite massive defaults on subprime mortgages and heavy debts as the top threat to the U.S. economy. As recently as March, the possibility of a terrorist attack was still the greatest worry. Janet Babin has more.
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Bat Boy cast into cyberspace!

| Aug 27, 2007
It'll still be published online, but today's issue of Weekly World News will be the last to hit newsstands. For 28 years the paper greeted shoppers in the grocery checkout line with fantastical, OK, ludicrous tales, and commentator John Booth is going to miss it.

Tata shopping for luxury cars

Stephen Beard | Aug 27, 2007
Indian steel and auto conglomerate Tata will likely be the proud new owner of luxury car brands Jaguar and Land Rover. And it could be a good match all around, Stephen Beard reports.
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