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Q3 earnings roundup

Alisa Roth | Nov 27, 2006
All told, companies posted record earnings this quarter. Alisa Roth looks at who made out particularly well and what it means for the 4th Quarter.
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Wal-Mart breaks into India

Miranda Kennedy | Nov 27, 2006
There's news today that the world's largest retailer may soon open stores in India — but it could be under a different name. Miranda Kennedy explains.
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NYSE goes calling in Asia

Ruth Kirchner | Nov 27, 2006
NYSE chief John Thain is in China this week talking with firms that might be ready for overseas listings. But he has some hurdles to clear to convince them to list in New York. Ruth Kirchner reports.

Russian spy murder mystery continues

| Nov 27, 2006
The death of former Russian secret agent Alexander Litvinenko in London last week is being linked to the break-up of the Yukos oil company. And now a British cabinet minister is implicating President Putin in a series of suspicious killings. Stephen Beard reports.

Growing rift over coffee beans

| Nov 27, 2006
Starbucks CEO Jim Donald is headed to Ethopia to talk coffee — specifically a move by farmers there to trademark their coffee and charge more for it. Host Mark Austin Thomas talks to Madeleine Acey of The Times of London.
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Making an impression on Black Friday

Sam Eaton | Nov 24, 2006
As bargain hunters shook off their turkey hangovers at the crack of dawn today, retailers were pulling out all the stops. But sales weren't the only things retailers were hoping for. Sam Eaton reports.

Buy <em>something</em>

| Nov 24, 2006
Did you resist all enticements to hit the mall at dawn? If so, you made "Buy Nothing Day" backers happy. But commentator Nick Gillespie says the protest against the post-Thanksgiving shop-a-thon is a bad deal.

Another recall in Sony's picture

Stacey Vanek Smith | Nov 24, 2006
Some models of the Cyber-shot digital cameras distort images, while others don't take photos at all. As Stacey Vanek-Smith reports, this could be the start of a long Christmas season for Sony.

SWIFT response: nothing illegal

Stephen Beard | Nov 24, 2006
The global money transfer company SWIFT is refuting charges that it broke the law by handing confidential data to the U.S. government. Stephen Beard reports.

Actions and motivations in Darfur debate

Gretchen Wilson | Nov 24, 2006
The United States contends the African Union is too weak to halt atrocities in Darfur and the U.N. should step in. But some wonder whether the U.S. isn't more concerned about its business interests there. Gretchen Wilson reports.
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