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No Office party for Microsoft

Stephen Beard | Sep 4, 2007
It may seem Microsoft has already taken over the world. But the software maker has taken a hit from a computing group in Switzerland. Its members declined to designate a key Microsoft product as an international standard. Stephen Beard reports.

Southwest raises fares, others follow

Bob Moon | Sep 4, 2007
Southwest Airlines has been watching its fuel costs rise. So it's passing along those costs to its customers. Bob Moon reports that Southwest's competition is only too happy to go along for the ride.
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NYC taxi strike looms

| Sep 4, 2007
Some cab drivers in New York City aren't happy about new regulations that require them to have GPS and credit card systems installed. We speak to one driver about the costs he's facing.
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Mining companies dig deeper

Jeremy Hobson | Sep 4, 2007
Critics say mining companies are sacrificing safety to get every last lump of coal out of the ground. Jeremy Hobson reports that demand and prices for coal are up, giving companies incentive to mine every inch they can.
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After All That.....

Chris Farrell | Sep 4, 2007
August was brutal in the markets. Imagine getting a call from your Mom, "So, you still think this is a correction?" (Put plenty of disbelief into...

More Q & A, Star Tribune

Chris Farrell | Sep 4, 2007
Q: My wife and I had our first child a few months ago. After doing some research, we had all but pulled the trigger on one state's 529 college...

Traffic and corruption in New Delhi

Miranda Kennedy | Sep 4, 2007
India's accident rate is one of the worst: over 80,000 traffic-related deaths a year. In New Delhi, it's so bad the High Court increased fines 50%, but the roots of the problem go much deeper. Miranda Kennedy reports.

Hot in one room, cold in the next

Janet Babin | Sep 4, 2007
Office buildings never seem to get the temperature right. You might think modern climate controls could stabilize such tightly-controlled environments, but the very design of cooling systems is to blame, Janet Babin discovers.
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Edsel rolls into golden age at 50

Dan Grech | Sep 4, 2007
Today is the 50th anniversary of the Edsel, but Ford isn't celebrating. It is one of the most spectacular failures in U.S. automotive history, but the splashy car is probably more popular now than ever. Dan Grech reports.
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Most likely to get crunched...

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Sep 4, 2007
Standard and Poor's says the tiny emerging markets of Latvia and Iceland are most vulnerable to fallout from the U.S. subprime mortgage meltdown. Stephen Beard explains the link.
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