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New target on cancer

| Mar 27, 2007
Theranostics will use micro-ray technology to pinpoint proteins in individual cancer patients to help doctors decide what drugs will be most effective — an innovation borne of a joint effort from the non- and for-profit worlds.
Posted In: Health, Science

New home sales face bad weather

Janet Babin | Mar 26, 2007
New home sales fell in the first quarter, according to the Commerce Department. But as Janet Babin reports, in order to understand the housing market, there's a bigger picture to consider.
Posted In: Housing

Citigroup to cut costs by cutting jobs

Alisa Roth | Mar 26, 2007
To increase profits, Citigroup is reportedly planning to cut 15,000 jobs. Analysts say this is a much-needed step by the company to become more efficient. Alisa Roth reports.
Posted In: Jobs

Heart study jolts drugs-versus-stents debate

Helen Palmer | Mar 26, 2007
A new report claims that stents don't work as well as drugs in preventing heart disease. The news was enough to move the markets. Helen Palmer has the story.
Posted In: Health

Automakers push flex fuel over CAFE

Sam Eaton | Mar 26, 2007
President Bush met with the Big Three to talk about flex-fuel cars. But some say fuel economy standards need to be regulated for flex-fuel efforts to be effective. Sam Eaton reports.
Posted In: Science

Fuel prices a hot topic

| Mar 26, 2007
Among the many factors that go into the price of gas, one that isn't taken into account enough in the U.S. is temperature. Jamie Court says we need to make some adjustments.

A long battle ended by economics

Stephen Beard | Mar 26, 2007
After decades of hostilities in Northern Ireland, two sides have agreed to govern together. Stephen Beard reports that economics had a lot to do with the decision.
Posted In: Canada

Price checks go to court

Amy Scott | Mar 26, 2007
The Supreme Court is deciding whether consumer prices should be set by manufacturers or retailers. As Amy Scott reports, Wall Street's keeping its eye on the case.
Posted In: Wall Street

A work of art on the road

Kai Ryssdal | Mar 26, 2007
While auto makers are having trouble selling their cars, the Ferrari has the unique problem of having too many customers to satisfy. Kai Ryssdal explores the problem in a Ferrari 599 with car critic Dan Neil.
Posted In: Retail

Long-Term Care Insurance--Not

Chris Farrell | Mar 26, 2007
Demographics may not be destiny, but America is getting older and an aging population will need plenty of long-term care. The cost of a nursing...
Posted In: insurance