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Do-not-track list proposed for Web

Steve Henn | Oct 31, 2007
A coalition of consumer privacy groups is pushing for the creation of a national do-not-track list that would allow Web surfers to stop Internet companies from recording their personal behavior online. Steve Henn reports.
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Will economy keep rolling or blow a tire?

Steve Tripoli | Oct 31, 2007
While the Fed is cutting interest rates to ward off an economic slowdown, the latest GDP numbers are strong -- a seeming schizophrenia that has markets jumping around. But many economists have an explanation that encompasses all the numbers. Steve Tripoli reports.
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And don't follow me online, either

Steve Henn | Oct 31, 2007
Most methods to preserve online privacy have had little impact. But with the success of the "Do Not Call" list, privacy advocates are vying for a similar pproach. Steve Henn reports.

Going public with climate-change risks

Jeremy Hobson | Oct 31, 2007
Should investors be warned about the financial consequences of climate change? A congressional panel will look into how much risk should be disclosed to the public. Jeremy Hobson reports.

Tips Regarding Annuities

Chris Farrell | Oct 31, 2007
The National Association of Insurance Commissioners is a sleepy agency of state insurance regulators. Their track record isn't exactly stellar. But...

Giving up candy for a sweet deal

| Oct 31, 2007
Halloween is the holiday dentists fear most. But now, there's a countermovement to get kids to give up their candy -- and some dentists are willing to pay. Renita Jablonski has more.
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Struggling with China's welcome mat

| Oct 31, 2007
For American expats in China, adjusting to a very different culture is a big challenge. Bill Marcus reports the predominant feeling among the Americans is they don't want to be there.
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The Global Gender Gap

Chris Farrell | Oct 31, 2007
This item comes from Ricardo Hausmann, a guest blogger on the site of Professor Dani Rodrik. For anyone intersted in development economics Rodrok's...

BA's transatlantic flights grounded

Stephen Beard | Oct 31, 2007
Under the "Open Skies" agreement, British Airways was set to establish a direct line from New York's JFK airport to Europe. But the FAA might veto that plan. Stephen Beard reports.
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A temper tantrum for a rate cut

Alisa Roth | Oct 31, 2007
The Fed is finishing up its two-day meeting on interest rates today, and Wall Street is demanding an interest rate cut. Alisa Roth explains how some Wall Streeters are acting out like spoiled toddlers.
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