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'Phonemarks' replace earmarks on Capitol Hill

| May 29, 2007
Commentator Jeff Birnbaum says lawmakers have found a new way to fund pet projects that avoids the bad publicity they risked from slipping pork-barrel items into legislation.
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Green power may not always get a green light

Sarah Gardner | May 29, 2007
Green power is good for the environment, right? Southern Californians are finding out it's not that simple, as utilities plan new "energy corridors" for renewable power. Sarah Gardner reports.

L.A. still finding its center

| May 29, 2007
Downtown Los Angeles has been undergoing some big changes in recent years, but critics say it's still missing the vibrant core that is the heart of other big cities. Can the Grand Avenue Project change all that? Pat Loeb reports.
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Labor's German Model getting rusty

Ethan Lindsey | May 29, 2007
German workers have a long and successful tradition of organizing to assert their political will, but lately things haven't been running quite as smoothly for that country's powerful labor unions. Ethan Lindsey reports.
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An economy ready to retire

Alisa Roth | May 29, 2007
Overall growth of the U.S. economy has been fairly strong despite housing worries, says a new OECD report, but we'll have to figure out how to control inflation and hold things together as Boomers begin retiring. Alisa Roth reports.
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Death for kickbacks in China

Lisa Napoli and Scott Tong | May 29, 2007
A former Chinese official has been sentenced to death for accepting bribes from drug companies. The decision is meant to send a warning to regulators there — and to do a little foreign damage control, reports Scott Tong.
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Take that, Barclays

Stephen Beard | May 29, 2007
Those banks really, really, <i>really</i> want to get their hands on ABN Amro. The consortium has upped its bid to more than $95 billion, but that doesn't necessarily mean it'll steal it away from rival bidder Barclays. Stephen Beard explains.
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Utility workers wanted

Sarah Gardner | May 29, 2007
A severe labor shortage looms in the power industry thanks to rising energy demands and a workforce on the verge of retirement. Sarah Gardner looks at how utility companies plan to keep the juice coming.
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G8 climate change warm-up

Kyle James | May 29, 2007
High-ranking officials from the U.S. and Germany are meeting to try to work out a compromise on climate change ahead of next week's G8 summit, but European leaders aren't optimistic, reports Kyle James.
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Whaling on about a ban

Sam Eaton | May 28, 2007
After ar two-decades moratorium on commercial whaling, officials are meeting in Anchorage today to consider lifting the ban. But pro-whaling countries need a three-quarters majority. Sam Eaton reports.