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Buzzword: Moral hazard

| Aug 17, 2007
When a secure financial safety net is in place, some worry investors may act less than safe. Hey, if the hazards are covered . . .
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Day in the Work Life: Casting director

| Aug 17, 2007
You feel you're meant to be a star, but she'll know for sure. And she won't even use the "casting couch" . . .
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A day at the racinos

Scott Jagow | Aug 17, 2007
Who'da thought slot machines would save horse racing. Tracks have been struggling to keep their gates open for a while now, but the casinozation concept is working so well, Diana Nyad predicts they'll all have slots one day soon.
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Big Ben silenced for repairs

| Aug 17, 2007
The bells at London's famed clock tower have been quieted so some of its 148-year-old parts can be replaced. That they lasted that long is a marvel of Victorian engineering, explains Keeper of the Great Clock Mike McCann.
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The Fed prescribes... relaxed credit

Scott Jagow | Aug 17, 2007
The Federal Reserve has given the credit markets a big dose of a medicine. In a surprise move, it cut the discount lending rate by half a point. It's meant to relax the credit squeeze and that's giving the markets a healthy boost.
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Hello...Skype? Anyone there?

Stephen Beard | Aug 17, 2007
Online phone provider Skype is still working on its network this morning after a software crash yesterday left some 220 million users without service. Critics say the incident highlights a glaring flaw, Stephen Beard reports.
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Disney's musical money machine

Lisa Napoli | Aug 17, 2007
Millions of people will be at house parties tonight... to watch a made-for-TV movie on the Disney Channel. That's right. It's the Mouse House sequel to the cash cow called High School Musical. Lisa Napoli does the advanced cross-promotional math.
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'Made in the USA' has new cachet

Stacey Vanek Smith | Aug 17, 2007
Mattel is spinning its damage control wheels as fast as it can following back-to-back recalls of millions of its China-made toys. Meanwhile, American toymakers are cashing in - and dreaming of a red, white and blue Christmas. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Mexico's dream port coming true

Dan Grech | Aug 17, 2007
Mexico has plans on the drawing board for a brand new megaport that just might become reality, but neighboring ports in Long Beach and Los Angeles aren't too worried about the competition. Dan Grech reports.
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Asian markets fall hard

| Aug 17, 2007
The Japanese yen is fast gaining strength against the dollar, but that could be bad for Japan's heavily export-dependent economy. Really bad. Economist Andrew Hilton explains.
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