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Too much of a good thing?

Kai Ryssdal | Sep 11, 2007
For many Americans, capitalism equals democracy. But in his new book former Labor Secretary Robert Reich questions the appropriateness of that equation. He talked with Kai Ryssdal.
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Save the tiger by mass production?

Scott Tong | Sep 11, 2007
With wild tigers on the brink of extinction, many countries ban the sale of hides and bones. But China is considering lifting its restrictions. It's part of a free-market approach to conservation that's novel -- and controversial. Scott Tong reports.

Beware of power shift in world finance

| Sep 11, 2007
Everybody from the Federal Reserve to the European Central Bank to the newest fund manager on Wall Street is worried about subprimes and the liquidity crisis. But commentator Bruce Stokes says there's an even greater challenge out there.
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Chertoff: Private planes a security risk

Steve Henn | Sep 11, 2007
Six years after 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security is taking steps to plug what Secretary Michael Chertoff describes as a major gap in the country's defenses -- private planes. Steve Henn reports.

OPEC agrees to pump more oil

Stephen Beard | Sep 11, 2007
OPEC agreed today to increase production by a small amount -- about another half-million barrels a day. Cartel members said they're worried about the U.S. mortgage mess. Stephen Beard reports.

Countrywide still searching for cash?

Steve Tripoli | Sep 11, 2007
The nation's largest home lender is reported to be looking for another $2 billion. The prospect that Countrywide might need more money, after Bank of America ponied up $2 billion just last month has already jittery markets on edge. Steve Tripoli reports.
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We were hoping he'd say something . . .

Kai Ryssdal | Sep 11, 2007
Fed chief Ben Bernanke spoke to the Bundesbank in Berlin today. We were all ready for a statement, but he uttered not a word about the little financial crisis we're having.
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Time's almost up for UAW negotiations

Alisa Roth | Sep 11, 2007
United Auto Workers are still in talks with the Big Three about union contracts set to expire Friday. Alisa Roth looks into why it's taking so long.
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Bolivians capitalize on smokescreen

Dan Grech | Sep 11, 2007
There's a movement in Bolivia to consolidate the country's two capitals in Sucre, the judicial and constitutional center. Opponents say the idea is just a tool to distract President Evo Morales. Dan Grech reports.

Not the center, but it still claims capital

Jill Barshay | Sep 11, 2007
A new government study says New York has more high-tech workers than Silicon Valley, but investors are still pumping money into the West Coast. Jill Barshay reports.
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