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London's boom is falling down

| Oct 8, 2007
The subprime crisis and the related problems of British bank Northern Rock are creating some tough times for "The City" -- London's business district. Stephen Beard reports.
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Dollar's value not up to EU's liking

Sam Eaton | Oct 8, 2007
The dollar's recent problems against the euro might be good for American exporters, but for European finance ministers meeting this week in Germany it's become a major headache. Sam Eaton reports.
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Court to hear Enron shareholders' case

John Dimsdale | Oct 8, 2007
The marquee case on the Supreme Court docket for Tuesday pits people who lost money on Enron versus the company's bankers, lawyers and accountants. John Dimsdale reports it'll test how far afield the liability for corporate wrongdoing extends.
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UAW gives Chrysler a strike deadline

Alisa Roth | Oct 8, 2007
Two weeks after agreeing to a new contract with General Motors, the United Auto Workers union gave Chrysler a strike deadline today in their negotiations. Alisa Roth reports.
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Next up for UAW: Chrysler

Alisa Roth | Oct 8, 2007
Reports are out that Chrysler is supposed to make a deal with the UAW within the next two days, or face a potential strike. But this scenario differs from GM's. Alisa Roth reports.
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E.U. concerned over weak dollar

Kyle James | Oct 8, 2007
When the dollar is down and the euro is up, European companies are hurt. So the European Union's finance ministers are going over it in a two-day summit. Kyle James reports.
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China's child slavery goes to air

| Oct 8, 2007
The Chinese government is upset over a documentary being broadcast tonight on British television about China's black market for child slavery. Doug Krizner gets the details from reporter Bill Marcus in Shanghai.

Congress seeks funds for food safety

Jeremy Hobson | Oct 8, 2007
Congress is trying to find funds to expand the FDA's budget to inspect imported food. Only 1 percent of food imported into the U.S. is currently inspected. Jeremy Hobson has more.
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NYC's concrete business is solid

| Oct 8, 2007
With a ton of work and limited competition, business is booming for New York City concrete suppliers. Lisa Chow tells us why concrete producers are able to bring up their prices so high and teaches us about the 90-minute rule.
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Who was Jim Michaels?

Scott Jagow | Oct 8, 2007
You might not recognize his name, but you might be able to recognize what Jim Michaels did for business news. Michaels died last week at 86. Scott Jagow talks to Allan Sloan, who worked with him.