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Today is hedge fund redemption day

Jill Barshay | Aug 15, 2007
That's not as good as it sounds. Most hedge funds require a 45-day notice before investors can withdraw money, which makes today the deadline to pull out before quarter's end. And markets are waiting to see if inverstors have had enough. Jill Barshay reports.
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Planning a trip to Rome?

| Aug 15, 2007
A quick visit to the Sistine Chapel before lunch, perhaps? Good luck. Ever-increasing numbers of tourists are creating frustratingly long lines at Rome's most famous attractions, and headaches for the city's small tour guides. Megan Williams has the story.
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Trade-secret leak in aisle 7

Amy Scott | Aug 15, 2007
The Federal Trade Commission inadvertently released documents yesterday from Whole Foods with information that should have been omitted -- including the grocery giant's plans to close 30 Wild Oats stores upon the companies' merger. Amy Scott reports.
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Stretching the business of relaxation

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Aug 15, 2007
Americans will pay plenty to de-stress and relax, and where there are consumers, there are advertisers wanting to reach out to them. And it turns out even people just thinking about a healthier lifestyle make good consumers. Ashley Milne-Tyte explains.
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Nestle rolling in dough

Stephen Beard | Aug 15, 2007
The world's biggest food company has reported a sweet increase in sales and profits, despite the fact that milk and sugar prices keep going up. Stephen Beard looks at how Nestle earned enough to plan a $21 billion stock buyback.
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It's a good time to be John Deere

| Aug 15, 2007
The increased demand for ethanol fuel has turned things around for some American farmers. Suddenly they've got more money to reinvest in better tractors, and that's meant a profitable year for John Deere. Gabriel Spitzer reports.
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Nokia hot to make a battery recall

Lisa Napoli | Aug 15, 2007
In what will likely be a very costly recall, Nokia is offering to replace 46 million cell phone batteries because of cases of overheating. Lisa Napoli reports.
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'Made in China' gets recalled again

John Dimsdale | Aug 14, 2007
Nine million Mattel toys imported from China have been pulled from shelves. They've either got magnets kids could swallow or they're coated with lead paint. John Dimsdale reports on the latest addition to consumer anxiety over Chinese-made products.
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Amid 'panic,' what's a portfolio worth?

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 14, 2007
Another investment group said today it won't let investors redeem shares until it figures out exactly what the price on those shares should be. Steven Miller of Standard & Poors explains why the value is now hard to determine.
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Nasdaq opens a new Portal

Amy Scott | Aug 14, 2007
Nasdaq is launching a new market with about 500 companies listed. But before you rush out to make your first trades, Amy Scott has some caveats to report.
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