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Dow shareholders say 'no' to Murdoch

Scott Jagow | May 2, 2007
Shareholders vow to block Rupert Murdoch's billion-dollar bid to buy the publisher of the venerable Wall Street Journal. The media mogul's plan to launch a financial news network might be behind the move.
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Murdoch's Dow move may spur bidding war

| May 2, 2007
When is $5 billion not nearly enough? Rupert Murdoch's bid to buy the publisher of the Wall Street Journal is well above market value, but it may be just the starting point if the owners invite more offers.
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E.U., Mexico join WTO complaint against China

Jeff Tyler | May 2, 2007
Both nations want to put pressure on China to end widespread piracy, but Chinese officials say the move could damage trade relations if they decide to impose tariffs. Jeff Tyler reports.
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A Wall Street-Iraq war disconnect

| May 2, 2007
America's investor class celebrates another record-high Dow average while grunts and jarheads bleed in Iraq. Commentator Ben Stein suggests that a universal draft might make us all more careful about future wars.
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Posturing ahead of U.N. climate change report

Sarah Gardner | May 2, 2007
The Bush administration and China are pointing fingers of blame at each other, hoping to sway the final draft of a report outlining the costs and timetable for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
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Lies come back to haunt disgraced BP chief

Stephen Beard | May 2, 2007
Lord John Browne, who resigned yesterday, may face time behind bars for perjury after lying about the details of a relationship with a gay lover. The scandal has already cost him a $30-million severance deal.
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Speeding up on the world's sidewalks

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | May 2, 2007
If you think city sidewalks feel more hectic than a decade ago, you're right. A study says people are walking faster than ever before, and the pace is really picking up in up-and-coming world economies.
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Cloning a new generation of stud horses

| May 2, 2007
The FDA is considering regulating the use of cloned animals in the nation's food supply. But for an elite group of animal breeders, cloning is already a reality — and it's making big bucks.
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E-mails sought in Sallie Mae probe

| May 2, 2007
Department of Education officials are in the hot seat for allegedly favoring some lenders in the $85 billion student loan industry. Democrats are expanding their probe and will question the department head.
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April rains on U.S. jobs numbers

Ashley Milne-Tyte | May 2, 2007
A survey this morning reported that April job growth was the weakest in four years. Downturns in the housing and sub-prime lending industries could be spreading, and the impact is being felt on the GDP.
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