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Where the 'jet-set gypsies' sleep

Rico Gagliano | Dec 20, 2006
Rico Gagliano spent the night with travelers for whom rock-bottom cheap is the bottom line.
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Not all charity is created equal

| Dec 20, 2006
Americans are expected to give a collective record $200 billion in charitable donations this year. But commentator Robert Reich says we need to limit tax deductions for donations to <i>real</i> charities.
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Native Americans get business smart

Steve Tripoli | Dec 20, 2006
Starting a business is challenging under any circumstances, but try doing it amid deep poverty and a lack of know-how. Some folks on Indian reservations are &mdash; and they're succeeding. Steve Tripoli has the story.
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Headed for a mortgage meltdown

Dan Grech | Dec 20, 2006
A new study predicts that one in five Americans with subprime mortgages, about two million of them, could face losing their home to foreclosure. Dan Grech reports.
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Low-wage workers take it to the bank

| Dec 20, 2006
Janitors in London took to the streets recently to protest the multimillion dollar bonuses top execs are taking home from the buildings they clean. Don MacGillivray has the story.
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Delta pilots feed the hand that bites them

Curt Nickisch | Dec 20, 2006
Delta Airlines is expected to get the go-ahead to end its pilot pension plan today. But only yesterday, its pilots rallied in support of their employer. Curt Nickisch explains.
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Transatlantic exchange race hits homestretch

Steve Tripoli | Dec 20, 2006
Shareholders of the New York Stock Exchange vote today on a merger with Euronext. If approved, the merger will create the first transatlantic exchange. Steve Tripoli looks at how it will affect investors.
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Solar skyscrapers rising

Janet Babin | Dec 20, 2006
We've all heard of rotating rooftop bars, but officials in Dubai have announced plans for an entire building that rotates &mdash; powered by the sun. Janet Babin reports.

Markets have 'clean energy fever '

Sam Eaton | Dec 20, 2006
Renewable energy investment worldwide could hit $100 billion in 2006. That's great for the industry, but watch out for market corrections on the horizon. Sam Eaton reports.

And then they created the Fed

Stacey Vanek Smith | Dec 20, 2006
Stacey Vanek-Smith takes us back to this week in 1913 to find out how the Federal Reserve came to be.