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No credit crunch with Dubai World

Lisa Napoli | Aug 22, 2007
The government-owned holding company Dubai World is going to take a minority slice of MGM Mirage's hotel and gaming enterprise for $5 billion. Dubai World's been on a buying spree of late. Lisa Napoli reports.
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China, U.S. need free-market police

| Aug 22, 2007
There's been some talk that all the problems China is having with manufacturing can be traced to its get-rich economic system. But commentator Robert Reich says our brand of free market isn't squeaky clean either.

The rise and fall of Mondavi

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 22, 2007
Robert Mondavi gets a lot of the credit for bringing California to prominence in the global wine industry. But his business didn't always see healthy returns. Julia Flynn Siler has written a biography of Mondavi. She talks with Kai Ryssdal.
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Market taking toll on builders

| Aug 22, 2007
The effects of the subprime crash and ensuing credit crunch have officially rippled over to home builders. Construction of new homes dropped 6.1 percent in July, falling to its lowest level in more than a decade. Amy Scott reports.
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Construction jobs hang on

Dan Grech | Aug 22, 2007
The housing bubble has burst and new home construction has slowed dramatically, but a new study shows that Hispanic construction workers have managed to keep finding work. Though maybe not as much. Dan Grech explains.
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When boomers sell, sell, sell!

| Aug 22, 2007
In the long run, stock prices have always risen over time. But the timeline of that "always" isn't all that long, which has commentator David Frum wondering, what happens if the baby boomers all start selling at once?
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Soothing words from the Fed

Bob Moon | Aug 22, 2007
Wall Street investors are still anxious to hear which direction the Fed might turn next in its attempts to calm the financial markets, but Bernanke's doing everything he can to keep the "real economy" purring. Bob Moon reports.
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Teens reaching for souped-up cold ones?

Stacey Vanek Smith | Aug 22, 2007
Caffeinated beer may sound like a college student's dream, but some worry the drinks are being marketed to underage consumers as beverage companies grab for their share of the multi-billion dollar energy drink market. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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China tinkers with smog repair

| Aug 22, 2007
The IOC has warned Beijing that it needs to do something about its pollution problem or risk losing some events during the 2008 Olympics. So the Chinese government forced some 1.3 million cars off the roads in a four-day experiment to clean up the air.
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Japan, India come together

Steve Henn | Aug 22, 2007
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is visiting India with 200 Japanese executives in tow. The motivation behind the high-profile visit: Both countries are looking for economic allies as they warily eye China's rise. Steve Henn explains.
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