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Sunshine State to benefit from citrus freeze

Dan Grech | Jan 17, 2007
The dark cloud of freezing temperatures that has devastated California's citrus crops has a silver lining — for Florida. Dan Grech reports.
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Efficiency, not coal, called key to Texas energy

Sarah Gardner | Jan 17, 2007
A utility's plan to build coal-fired power plants across Texas has run into opposition from a group of environmentalists, mayors and CEOs. Two national groups joined in today with an alternative. Sarah Gardner reports.
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New York gives back

Alisa Roth | Jan 17, 2007
Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced today a $1 billlion tax-relief package for New Yorkers. Alisa Roth reports on what this means for the Big Apple.
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British bribery allegations won't go away

Stephen Beard | Jan 17, 2007
European investigators are trying to figure out whether British officials broke a treaty on economic corruption and political sleaze. Stephen Beard reports.
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Targeting earmarks

John Dimsdale | Jan 17, 2007
The Senate is debating legislation on earmarks, those pet spending projects and tax breaks lawmakers sneak into federal budget bills. John Dimsdale reports on the effort to bring them out in the open.
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Ban fundraisers and turn citizens loose

| Jan 17, 2007
Commentator Newt Gingrich has an idea on how to improve the messy system of campaign finance.
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Feature-length business starts in Utah

Kai Ryssdal | Jan 17, 2007
Actors, directors, marketers and sales people are converging on the Sundance Film Festival — along with thousands of others. Film festival consultant Mitch Levine talks about the event with Kai Ryssdal.
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Congress still runs on legalized bribery

| Jan 17, 2007
Ethics and lobbying reform are getting a lot of play on the Hill this week, but commentator Robert Reich says the legislation on the table isn't going to change how the system works in Washington.
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Space, the final frontier — for advertising

Sean Cole | Jan 17, 2007
Just when you thought they'd run out of new places to put ads, researchers have begun selling ad space on the side of a satellite scheduled to orbit Earth in 2010. We asked Sean Cole to boldly go . . .
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Migrants sending home billions

Lisa Napoli | Jan 17, 2007
A report out today says the U.S is the top migrant-receiving country worldwide. So workers sending money home can create an outgoing cash flow problem — but also an opportunity, say the study's authors.
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