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Johnnie's walking into new markets

Stephen Beard and Bob Moon | Feb 16, 2007
Rising middle classes in Asia and South America's emerging markets are developing a taste for better whisky. So Johnnie Walker scotch parent Diageo is making a major investment to meet demand and fill their glasses.
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Going after waste in defense contracts

Eric Niiler | Feb 15, 2007
With some tough talk, Senate Democrats introduced legislation today that would tighten rules on defense contractors. Eric Niiler reports.
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Dubai Ports sale still sitting at the dock

Amy Scott | Feb 15, 2007
After controversy last year over its ownership of six U.S. seaports, Dubai Ports World has been trying to sell the holdings to global insurance giant AIG. But the deal's not going smoothly. Amy Scott reports.
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Ethiopians' dispute with Starbucks keeps brewing

Stephen Beard | Feb 15, 2007
Starbucks has been accused of blocking Ethiopian farmers' attempts to trademark their coffee beans. A group representing Africa's top coffee growers is now backing the farmers' efforts. Stephen Beard reports.
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Bad weather, bad business

| Feb 15, 2007
A series of powerful winter storms has shut down some of America's busiest airports recently. But commentator Christopher Elliott thinks airlines are being a little too quick to take a snow day.
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A case of political supply and demand?

Dan Grech | Feb 15, 2007
With basic staples getting harder to find on supermarket shelves in Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez is accusing businesses of holding back to avoid selling at the government's fixed prices. Dan Grech reports.
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Investors' interest in British soccer kicks in

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 15, 2007
Owners of some big-time American sports franchises are betting heavily on English football — as they call it over there. Business-of-sports analyst Ed Derse talks with Kai Ryssdal about the trend.
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Are CEOs paid an unhealthy amount?

Helen Palmer | Feb 15, 2007
One of the factors often cited as contributing to high health-care costs is the money paid to executives of medical and drug companies. Helen Palmer looks at whether the bosses are worth what they get.
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Newspapers, spend more money!

Scott Jagow | Feb 15, 2007
Survey says: Newspapers that invest more money in their newsrooms make more money. Researchers say the media industry's recent inclination to slash jobs to cut costs is not only ineffective, but detrimental.
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Why NASCAR, why now?

| Feb 15, 2007
Toyota is already poised to overtake GM as the No. 2 automaker, but USC Sports Business Institute's David Carter says aligning with NASCAR is a no-brainer — and this is the year to do it.
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