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Payoff Mortgage?

Chris Farrell | Dec 14, 2007
Question: I now have saved $50,000 and my husband has saved $40,000 in the bank. We pay mortgage each month about $1,000 and we still have more...
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Bolivia provinces could declare autonomy

Dan Grech | Dec 14, 2007
Disagreeing on the economic effects of Bolivian President Evo Morales' new constitution, five of the country's provinces are threatening to become autonomous. Dan Grech explores issues the potential for this to create violence.

Top Ten Surprises for 2008

Chris Farrell | Dec 14, 2007
The economists and market-watchers at UBS have come up with their annual list of 10 potential financial and economic surprises for 2008. Here is...

Do you need $25K to fix your home?

Lisa Napoli | Dec 14, 2007
A Home Depot contest for a $25,000 gift card asks contestants for a video showing how they would use it. Lisa Napoli reports videos are getting plenty of hits on YouTube, and Home Depot's getting lots of free advertising.
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Web money for candidates goes further

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Dec 14, 2007
Democratic donation Web site ActBlue wants to extend its campaigns beyond candidates to include unions and corporations. Congress will decide today whether or not they can. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

A critic's blessing is its own reward

| Dec 14, 2007
With award campaigns for Golden Globes underway, a nomination from a critic's association can be essential. Doug Krizner talks to Variety's Mike Speier about which critics' associations audiences will listen to and why.
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The company gives to its performers

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Dec 14, 2007
Analysts are projecting pay raises to go up about the same amount they did the past year. But Ashley Milne-Tyte reports the pay-for-performance factor is becoming increasingly important in determining bonuses.
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NFL a touchdown this TV season

Scott Jagow | Dec 14, 2007
From a team that can't stop winning to federal court cases, the drama in the NFL has made for some very compelling TV. Business of sports commentator Diana Nyad recaps the season with Scott Jagow.
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Lufthansa swoops in on JetBlue

Scott Jagow | Dec 14, 2007
Easing JetBlue's continuous struggle, German airline Lufthansa is buying 19 percent of the carrier. JetBlue will get $300 million, but what about Lufthansa? Scott Jagow talks to Doug McVitie of Arran Aerospace.
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Giving goes online, too

Janet Babin | Dec 13, 2007
Nonprofits are using online auctions and social networks to increase giving. And they're learning that sometimes you have to give a little to get a lot more. Janet Babin reports.
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