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Splitting feathers over a label

Janet Babin | Nov 20, 2007
Tyson Foods touts the fact that its chickens are raised without antibiotics. But now, the government is forbidding the company from using the label, as the USDA overlooked a suspect feed additive. Janet Babin reports.
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In Italy, money makes a good read

| Nov 20, 2007
Italian best-seller "The Caste" has sold over a million copies in the country. Megan Williams explains why the true tale of money and politics is more compelling to Italians than a work of fiction.
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China wonders out loud about dollar

| Nov 20, 2007
With the U.S. dollar continuing to fall, officials in China are beginning to worry about the value of their reserves. Bill Marcus reports on the further effect those concerns could have on U.S. currency.
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Paper, or reusable canvas bag?

Sarah Gardner | Nov 20, 2007
San Francisco today became the first city to ban plastic bags at large grocery stores. Sarah Gardner reports some don't feel the change will be that eco-effective, while others want to take the switch even farther.

Fannie starts to show its cracks

Dan Grech | Nov 20, 2007
Mortgage giant Fannie Mae reports its earnings today. Along with Freddie Mac, the company has been riding out defaults that have hit its bottom line. Dan Grech reports on what this could mean for the U.S. taxpayer.
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Spam soon to be out of stock

| Nov 20, 2007
Hot stock-tip spam scams may be avoided by a click of the delete button, but the SEC wants to get rid of the bogus e-mails for good. Alex Goldmark has more on "Operation Spamalot."
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Fliers keep trouble on their radar

Bob Moon | Nov 20, 2007
While airline passengers are bracing themselves for another frantic holiday season, one consumer group is hitting airports prepared for trouble -- with hidden cameras. Bob Moon has more.
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The Fed becomes less reserved

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Nov 20, 2007
The Federal Reserve will be sharing more information with the public when it releases the minutes today for last month's meeting. Nancy Marshall Genzer tells us what the Fed added and whether critics are appeased.
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Are you feeling lucky? Google is

Brendan Newnam | Nov 19, 2007
A lot has changed for Google since it began searching in 1998. But on its crisp, white homepage one little button has managed to stick around all these years. Brendan Newnam decided to find out why.

Chinese get more flexible about plastic

Scott Tong | Nov 19, 2007
China has ordered its banks to take money out of circulation as a way to cool the country's red-hot economy just a little bit. But Chinese consumers aren't necessarily playing along. Correspondent Scott Tong says they've discovered the joys of credit cards.
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