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Preventing piracy on the high seas

Miranda Kennedy | Sep 4, 2006
Pirates attacked over 250 ships off the coasts of Asia and Africa last year. Today an agreement goes into effect to try to combat the modern-day outlaws equipped with ship-tracking systems and machine guns. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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A rebirth of organized labor?

| Sep 4, 2006
The massive immigrant rights marches this past May Day — Labor Day in the rest of the world — just might signal the rebirth of organized labor in this country, says sociologist and commentator Ruth Milkman.

Day in the Work Life: School principal

| Sep 4, 2006
As schools return to session, we get sent to the principal's office to find out how hard his job really is.

Selling in a soft market

Janet Babin | Sep 4, 2006
You want to sell your home, but you don't want the price to sink in the softening market. How do you protect yourself? Janet Babin tells her story.
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Blue collar blues

Hilary Wicai | Sep 4, 2006
Hourly workers with children often struggle to balance job requirements and family needs. Putting family first can sometimes cost them a job. Businesses would be wise to change such policies, Hillary Wicai reports.

Wienermobile turns 70

| Sep 4, 2006
Oscar Mayer's iconic Wienermobile is 70 this year. Brian Bull looks at why the giant hot dog on wheels has endured as a marketing vehicle.

Downsize my space

| Sep 4, 2006
With interest rates going up, is the era of big houses on its way out? Bob Moon takes a look.
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Hanging with a surf instructor

| Sep 4, 2006
Ever wonder what it's like to be a surf instructor? Get ready to hit the waves with Larry Fernandez.

State of the American worker

Jane Lindholm | Sep 4, 2006
Just how is the average American working man or woman faring these days? Not great says a report from the Economic Policy Institute. Jane Lindholm has the details.

Back-to-school costs rising

Amy Scott | Sep 4, 2006
The cost to send junior back to school is higher than ever. Amy Scott explains.



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