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Highly-skilled immigrants still seen as a need

Steve Henn | May 21, 2007
The new immigration bill being debated on Capitol Hill would give more weight to aspiring immigrants' education and skills. But many in the business world say it still won't deliver the workers they need. Steve Henn reports.
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Beijing puts its money on Blackstone

Kai Ryssdal and Scott Tong | May 21, 2007
China's decided what it wants to do with some of its $1.2 trillion in foreign reserves: Buy into the high-powered U.S. private equity firm Blackstone. Our man in Shanghai, Scott Tong, explains the deal to Kai Ryssdal.
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Anybody need a business plan?

| May 21, 2007
Commentator Rob Long found out that it's possible — and maybe even easier — to be an entrepreneur when you don't have a business plan.

Viral videos are spreading fast

Andrea Gardner | May 21, 2007
Film maker Robert Greenwald has turned his talents toward making politically-charged videos funded by private groups and donors. It's a new phenomenon. There's money to be made. And, maybe, some campaigns to be won. Andrea Gardner reports.

Investing according to Islamic law

| May 21, 2007
Britain could soon become the first western government to issue bonds that comply with Islamic, or Sharia law. And that could mean billions in extra capital flowing London's way. Stephen Beard reports.

China buys into Wall Street

Scott Jagow | May 21, 2007
China is sinking $3 billion into U.S. private equity superstar Blackstone Group. Economist Trevor Houser says the Chinese want to get schooled in foreign investing. Lesson 1? The less-than-10% stake is just low enough to fly under federal scrutiny.
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Sloan Sessions: Summer rally time?

Scott Jagow | May 21, 2007
Not that Wall Street really needs a rally this year, but with summer break on the horizon we asked Allan Sloan whether to expect a traditional May selloff before investors hit the beach. Hard to say, he says, but they're gonna take their Blackberries.
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Barbershop MD

| May 21, 2007
Health officials have discovered an invaluable new spokesperson to get their message out to hard-to-reach populations: the local barber. Beauty salons and barbershops around the country are changing lives. Mhari Saito has the story.
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Lenders propose their own subprime fix

| May 21, 2007
A group of lending industry leaders is hoping to forestall a Congressional fix with some solutions of its own. But growing impatience is likely to make it a tough sell on Capitol Hill. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Skybus ready to roll, er, fly

Janet Babin | May 21, 2007
A new ultra-lowcost air carrier takes off today. Skybus is modeling its service after Europe's Ryanair: Fares as low as $10, but everything else'll cost you. And we do mean everything. Janet Babin has details.
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