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Struggling with China's welcome mat

| Oct 31, 2007
For American expats in China, adjusting to a very different culture is a big challenge. Bill Marcus reports the predominant feeling among the Americans is they don't want to be there.
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The Global Gender Gap

Chris Farrell | Oct 31, 2007
This item comes from Ricardo Hausmann, a guest blogger on the site of Professor Dani Rodrik. For anyone intersted in development economics Rodrok's...

BA's transatlantic flights grounded

Stephen Beard | Oct 31, 2007
Under the "Open Skies" agreement, British Airways was set to establish a direct line from New York's JFK airport to Europe. But the FAA might veto that plan. Stephen Beard reports.
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A temper tantrum for a rate cut

Alisa Roth | Oct 31, 2007
The Fed is finishing up its two-day meeting on interest rates today, and Wall Street is demanding an interest rate cut. Alisa Roth explains how some Wall Streeters are acting out like spoiled toddlers.
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Record lows versus interest rates

Stephen Beard | Oct 31, 2007
The dollar is at a record low against the euro, and investors are selling dollars as they expect the Fed to cut its key interest rate today. Stephen Beard tells us the relationship between interest rates and currencies.
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More safety measures for mines

Steve Tripoli | Oct 31, 2007
Despite Congress passing a mine-safety bill a year ago, the United States still lags other nations in safety measures. Steve Tripoli reports on the new rules Congress is considering.
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The 'kidult' push of the Halloween boom

| Oct 31, 2007
Halloween is ranked the fourth most lavish national holiday. Commentator David Frum explains his theories on why American adults plan to spend so much to decorate their homes like a horror set.

Some see recession threat looming

Amy Scott | Oct 30, 2007
A leading real estate index says prices for existing homes fell in August at the fastest rate since 1991. Meanwile, consumer confidence plunged last month to the lowest level since Hurricane Katrina. Amy Scott reports that some economists are seeing signs of a recession on the horizon.
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Starbucks isn't playing his tune

Sean Cole | Oct 30, 2007
In addition to coffee and sweets, Starbucks is now selling music CDs, with sales in the millions. So it's not surprising that unknown artists are knocking on its doors. Well, one artist in particular. Sean Cole explains.

Letters from our listeners

Kai Ryssdal | Oct 30, 2007
Kai Ryssdal reviews some of the letters we've received about our coverage and commentaries on, among other things, the farm bill, Oregon voters, books on tape in Atlanta, and the Boston Red Sox.