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Touch it and you'll pay

Diantha Parker | Mar 12, 2008
The Pay By Touch system is true to the name -- it works by allowing customers to pay for things with a touch of their finger. Diantha Parker found out how it work when she tested out the system at a Shell station in Chicago.
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Gates: 'Let smart people come'

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Mar 12, 2008
Microsoft's Bill Gates is on Capitol Hill today campaigning for the government to issue more H-1B visas. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports he wants more foreign workers because he can't find enough qualified Americans.
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Another go at health care reform

John Dimsdale | Mar 12, 2008
The National Federation of Independent Business was against Hillary Clinton's health care reform plan 15 years ago. John Dimsdale reports the group is calling for reform today -- but they still don't support Clinton's plan.
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Not just a bunch of Hulu

Lisa Napoli | Mar 12, 2008
NBC and Fox's will allow viewers to download over 200 TV shows and movies for free. While it may seem to be a new and scary venture for profits, Lisa Napoli reports the business model is a familiar one.

...And will they come down?

Doug Krizner | Mar 12, 2008
Oil may be high in the U.S., but U.K. citizens might have to face paying more than twice what Americans pay per gallon. Doug Krizner talks to MF Global senior energy broker Rob Laughlin in London about how long prices may stay high.
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New plan could risk confidence in Fed

Alisa Roth | Mar 12, 2008
The Federal Reserve's plan unveiled yesterday lets big financial firms borrow from the Fed using mortgage-backed securities as collateral. But as Alisa Roth reports, there's at least one major risk.
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Green homes - speedy sales in a slow market?

Janne K. Flisrand | Mar 12, 2008
For a year, I've been trying to convince Minnesota's affordable home builders concerned about a slowing market what Greg Pinn, a San Jose home...

What else is driving oil prices up?

Scott Jagow and Stephen Beard | Mar 12, 2008
The weakness of the dollar is one reason oil prices are flirting with $110 a barrel, but some say there's more to the story. Scott Jagow talks to Stephen Beard about the financial market versus supply and demand.
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A new way to define GDP

Sam Eaton | Mar 12, 2008
The government is considering whether the current Gross Domestic Product accurately measures U.S. economic progress. Some analysts feel the way GDP is defined can cause some big problems. Sam Eaton reports.
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Money and happiness still connected

| Mar 12, 2008
Money might not buy happiness, but having a little more of it can make us feel better. Commentator Will Wilkinson says while wealth might not be the direct route to happiness, it doesn't mean it's irrelevant.