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Will taxpayers pay for Bear bailout?

Bob Moon | Mar 17, 2008
The Federal Reserve committed $30 billion in taxpayer money to guarantee the riskiest part of Bear's portfolio in the JP Morgan sale. Kai Ryssdal speaks to Bob Moon about whether the move could ultimately benefit taxpayers.
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Once-mighty Bear killed by subprimes

Janet Babin | Mar 17, 2008
Once one of the top investment banks on Wall Street, Bear Stearns was offered a mere $2 a share in a bailout deal offered by JP Morgan. Janet Babin reports on how the subprime crisis may have triggered the bank's dramatic fall.
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Should the Fed let Bear Stearns fail?

| Mar 17, 2008
Bear Sterns might totally have collapsed if the Fed hadn't bailed out the firm. Doug Krizner talks to investor Jim Rogers, who says there's nothing wrong with bankruptcy.
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Bear Stearns takeover hits workers

Janet Babin | Mar 17, 2008
Bear Stearns' employees were told Monday morning that they had become employees of JP Morgan, and that their company stock was now only worth $2 a share. Janet Babin reports their other prospects may not be promising either.
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Asian markets keep eyes on U.S.

Doug Krizner | Mar 17, 2008
Asian markets are reacting to the financial market news in the U.S., and the markets are down sharply. Doug Krizner talks to Lindsay Whipp of The Financial Times in Tokyo about some of the main concerns in Japan and Hong Kong.
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Panic is reality for Bear Stearns

Scott Jagow | Mar 17, 2008
Bear Stearns' stunning collapse came a week after things seemed normal for the bank. Scott Jagow talks to economist Diane Swonk, who says panic in the market and clients turning their backs prompted the trouble.
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Not a banner ad year for politics

Stacey Vanek Smith | Mar 17, 2008
Presidential candidates are expected to spend almost $5.5 billion on political ads by election day, with less than 1 percent of that going to online ads. But Stacey Vanek-Smith reports Web ads are still seen as significant.

Tibet's riots an economic issue, too

Scott Tong | Mar 17, 2008
Political freedom is the headline cause of the protests in Tibet, but there's also an undercurrent of economic disenchantment. Scott Tong reports on anti-Chinese sentiment among Tibetans over jobs.

Guinness guzzles whole Black and Tan

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Mar 17, 2008
The drink "Black and Tan" traditionally blends Guinness with Bass, beers owned by two separate companies. But Guinness has recently been trying to change the formula to help their company sales. Ashley Milne-Tyte explains.
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Newspapers losing ads, not audience

John Dimsdale | Mar 17, 2008
A study out today suggests newspapers aren't losing readers, as their websites have a larger share of the overall audience than the print versions do. John Dimsdale reports loss of advertising is the real problem.