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Backlog puts passport requirements on hold

Dan Grech | Jun 8, 2007
As part of a drive to boost security, the State Department mandated that travelers to Canada, Mexico and the Carribbean have a passport. But the demand has caused months of document delays. Dan Gretch reports.
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Despite advances, stem-cell investors still wary

Steve Tripoli | Jun 8, 2007
Backers of stem-cell research say federal funding's needed, because wary investors won't step up to the plate. Investors worry that promising new therapies won't be profitable for years. Steve Tripoli reports.
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WiTricity: Powering up without cords, plugs

Jill Barshay | Jun 8, 2007
It seems too good to be true — a device that can power lights, laptops, phones and just about anything else, through the air and without plugging in. But there are some drawbacks — Jill Barshay reports.
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Patent dispute could block incoming phones

Janet Babin | Jun 8, 2007
Cell phones that rely on Qualcomm chips to extend battery life were banned from U.S. import yesterday, but don't expect to see shipments piling up at the border. It's more likely to come down to deal-making, reports Janet Babin.
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Britain puts biodiesel on track

Stephen Beard | Jun 8, 2007
Yesterday in London, Virgin launched Europe's first passenger train using a blended fuel that reduces CO2 emissions. And Britain's soon-to-be prime minister Gordon Brown says tax breaks are ahead if the trial run is a success. Stephen Beard has more.
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States fight for emissions control

| Jun 8, 2007
Fourteen states are protesting legislation in Congress they say will limit their efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Automakers say it will be hard to comply if states start setting their own fuel-economy standards. Jeremy Hobson reports.
Posted In: Washington

Health care reform

Chris Farrell | Jun 7, 2007
The pressure for genuine health care continues. The good news is that Democratic candidate Barack Obama has come up with a serious approach for...

A G-8 agreement on climate change? Well...

Sam Eaton | Jun 7, 2007
At the G-8 Summit, President Bush made it clear he wouldn't go for a climate-change agreement. So it was curious today when word came of . . . an agreement. One that calls for big cuts in greenhouse gases. Sam Eaton reports.
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How do you bribe a billionaire?

Steve Henn | Jun 7, 2007
Prince Bandar bin Sultan, former Saudi Arabian ambassador to the U.S. and close friend of the Bush family, is facing allegations of taking billions of dollars in kickbacks from a British arms dealer. Steve Henn reports.
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Airlines get pension relief from Iraq spending bill

John Dimsdale | Jun 7, 2007
In the $120-billion Iraq war spending bill President Bush signed two weeks ago, amendments were slipped in that give financial breaks to two airlines. A couple of senators want to know how they got in there. John Dimsdale reports.
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