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Day in the Work Life: Explorer

| Feb 29, 2008
Edmund Hilary climbed Everest because it was there, but this week, we meet a polar explorer who visits remote places because they may not be around much longer.

Getting Personal

Chris Farrell and Tess Vigeland | Feb 29, 2008
In this edition of Getting Personal, Chris and Tess talk about investing during a recession, foreign CDs, tax software and establishing an independent credit history.

Avoiding an audit

| Feb 29, 2008
None of us want that dreaded audit letter from the IRS in the mail, so Tess asks Frank Degen how you can make sure your tax preparer isn't setting you up for trouble.
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Afghans fall prey to pyramid scheme

Gregory Warner | Feb 29, 2008
Crippled by decades of war, the government of Afghanistan has little or no power to stop illegal or questionable enterprises. Now a classic investment swindle has entagled thousands of Afghans hoping for a brighter future. Gregory Warner reports.
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Expecting the unexpected as president

| Feb 29, 2008
Some pundits say fundraising success is the best indication of presidential character. Others say it's success in business, or time spent on Capitol Hill. But Dan Drezner thinks it's how well a president performs when blindsided by fate and history.

Un-conferencing: Leveraging face time

| Feb 29, 2008
Silicon Valley is known for innovation and its sometimes unorthodox working environments. But a new trend has baffled correspondent Cash Peters: When is a conference not a conference? Apparently, when no one's in charge...
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Arabic 101

| Feb 29, 2008
If you want in on opportunities in the Middle East, it might help to learn the language. Jennifer Collins dropped in on an Arabic class to see how people are using the language for work.

Straight Story: TIPS

Chris Farrell | Feb 29, 2008
One of economics editor Chris Farrell's favorite investments just got a bad rap in the Wall Street Journal. Chris sets the story straight on TIPS and where they belong in your portfolio.

Personal finance 2.0

| Feb 29, 2008
Venture capitalists have been investing millions in a new generation of personal finance Web sites. Tess asks Emmett Higdon what makes these sites worth the green.

It's not easy being a green investor

Sarah Gardner | Feb 29, 2008
There are now at least two dozen eco-friendly investment funds, but as Sarah Gardner reports, environmental investing comes in different shades of green.
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