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Kiddie cold meds pulled off shelves

Jeremy Hobson | Oct 11, 2007
Studies have found over-the-counter cold medicines can have serious side effects, and there's no proof they work in young children. Big Pharma companies are pulling them off the shelves ahead of an FDA hearing.
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Fox takes aim at "anti-biz" CNBC

Kai Ryssdal | Oct 11, 2007
Fox News positioned itself as the cable news antidote to the "liberal" CNN. Now it's trying to work that same magic against CNBC with a new business news channel. Media critic Tim Rutten talks about Roger Ailes' next big move.
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Death-defying dives for lobster

| Oct 11, 2007
Our appetite for lobster is voracious -- the U.S. imports almost 120 million pounds every year. For our Working series, Claudine LoMonaco profiles divers in Honduras who risk death to feed that demand.
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Bigger houses mean deeper debt

| Oct 11, 2007
Commentator Karrie Jacobs says that when it comes to the crisis in the U.S. mortgage industry, the changing tastes of modern homeowners may be part of the problem.
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Student Loan Forgiveness

Chris Farrell | Oct 11, 2007
If Hollywood remakes the 1967 classic, The Graduate, the advice to Benjamin might be "federal government" instead of "plastics." As a way to...

Hedge funds exercise self-policing

Kyle James | Oct 11, 2007
A group of Europe's biggest hedge funds have devised a voluntary code of conduct in response to calls for more transparency. Kyle James reports the pre-emptive move will still put the funds under pressure.

Finally pushed her over the borderline

Alisa Roth | Oct 11, 2007
Another sign of the apocalypse for the music business: Madonna is leaving her longtime record company, Warner Brothers Records, for a concert promoter. Alisa Roth explains why there's no greater power than the power of goodbye.
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John Sununu funds breakdown

Steve Henn | Oct 11, 2007
A breakdown of contributions received by Senator John Sununu of New Hampshire in 2002.
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Bill Allen: A tale of tainted funds

Steve Henn | Oct 11, 2007
Marketplace's Steve Henn continues his report on Alaskan oilman Bill Allen's illegal contributions to various political campaigns and state legislators.
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Airlines in a jam over sky traffic

Jeremy Hobson | Oct 11, 2007
The FAA wants airlines to cut down on congestion in the skies by cutting back flights. But Jeremy Hobson reports that airlines don't want to cut back for fear of giving competitors an edge.
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