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Florida citrus may have dodged bullet

Dan Grech | Jan 4, 2008
Yesterday's snow in Florida had many citrus growers up all night checking the temperatures of their groves. But Dan Grech reports damages might have been avoided because of winds that helped to mitigate frost.

Business wish list for next leader

| Jan 4, 2008
As the presidential race takes shape, Marketplace will be taking a look at what businesses want from the next president. Danielle Karson reports energy and health care are among the top issues.

The Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payment

Chris Farrell | Jan 4, 2008
Question: I have a monthly mortgage of $786.33. I've been offered a deal where I pay $394.17 every 2 weeks, or $1 more per month. They state I'll...
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Naples throwing away its cheese

| Jan 4, 2008
The streets of Naples, Italy are filling up with garbage thanks to the country's mafia. Rome correspondent Megan Williams tells Scott Jagow the problem is having a devastating effect on the local cheese industry.
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Putting stock in the law -- and trading it

Nate DiMeo | Jan 3, 2008
The law firm of Slater & Gordon started selling shares on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2007, making it the first publicly traded law office in the world. Nate DiMeo reports on what that might mean for lawyers and investors.
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More bowls than good teams to fill them

Kai Ryssdal | Jan 3, 2008
If you follow college football, you've noticed an explosion of bowl games -- some featuring teams with losing records. Our business-of-sports analyst Diana Nyad has been keeping track and shared her thoughts with Kai Ryssdal.
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You're nothing but a ... trial lawyer!

| Jan 3, 2008
Two trial-lawyer associations are battling -- in court, of course -- over one group's right to use "trial lawyers" in its name. Commentator Jeff Birnbaum is amazed they would fight for something most people hate.

Candidates ramp up online campaigning

Kai Ryssdal | Jan 3, 2008
The Internet may be the deciding factor in this year's Iowa caucuses. Author Garrett Graff, who worked for Howard Dean's campaign the last time around, says this year's campaigns have taken their Web work to another level.

SEC considers easing foreign trading

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Jan 3, 2008
The Securities and Exchange Commission wants to make it easier for Americans to dabble in foreign stocks. It's mulling a proposal that would let U.S. investors trade on other countries' stock exchanges. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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Weather Channel forecast: Lucrative

Janet Babin | Jan 3, 2008
The Weather Channel's parent company, Landmark Communications, confirmed today that it's exploring a possible sale. It could conceivably be worth $5 billion. Janet Babin reports.
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