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The economics of A Christmas Carol

Stephen Beard | Dec 25, 2006
A classic tale about the true value of money, author Charles Dickens rooted "A Christmas Carol" in the economic reality of Victorian England. A harsh reality indeed, reports Stephen Beard.
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Rebels without a Claus

Rico Gagliano | Dec 25, 2006
Today marks the end of the season for Santa wanna-bes. You might be surprised to learn how many of them there are. Rico Gagliano found out at Santacon.
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Meet Mr. PC

Sean Cole | Dec 25, 2006
It's not everyday you land a gig on the Daily Show, write a bestseller about hobos, and portray a PC on television. Sean Cole profiles an unlikely financial celebrity.
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Nipped and tucked in a bow

| Dec 25, 2006
Forget the fruitcake, the gift card and the DVD player. Maybe you got really creative this year and gave the gift that keeps on giving: cosmetic surgery. Cash Peters has more.
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House swap

Tess Vigeland | Dec 25, 2006
You've got a bungalow in Spain. They've got a brownstone in New York. And both of you are thinking 'Let's trade properties for a little R&R vacation.' Tess Vigeland calculates the cost of a swap.
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Holiday frocks galore

| Dec 25, 2006
Marketplace commentator Michelle Philippe won't apologize for her tulle poufs and velvet gowns — she's extending her holiday season to get more bang for her holiday party buck.
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Turmoil after the storm

| Dec 25, 2006
After the tsunami, residents Khao Lak, Thailand began to rethink whether the benefits of the tourism industry are worth the traffic, pollution and sex trade that come with it. Suzanne Nam reports.
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Holiday movie rental smackdown

| Dec 25, 2006
DVD rentals and purchases tend to spike this time of year, and there are some new contenders vying for the holiday movie bestseller title. Tanya Ott calls the match.
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Measuring this season of giving

Diantha Parker | Dec 25, 2006
2005 was a banner year for philanthropy as Hurricane Katrina and tsunami relief efforts spurred worldwide donations reaching $250 billion. But what happens in a year with no causes on that scale? Diantha Parker reports.

Best Gift Ever: Construction toys

| Dec 25, 2006 CEO Jeff Bezos tells us that the building blocks given to him by his grandfather have served him well over the years.
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