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Commodity prices are whey out there

Steve Henn | May 28, 2008
Rising commodity prices are providing endless opportunities for speculators, but as Steve Henn reports, some investors are losing the stomach for one volatile nursery rhyme commodity.

AFTRA and producers agree on a deal

Jeff Tyler | May 28, 2008
The smaller of the two actors unions, AFTRA, reached a tentative agreement with producers today, but as Jeff Tyler explains, the real question is whether the larger SAG will do the same.

Have oil prices topped off?

Jeremy Hobson | May 28, 2008
With U.S. demand poised to decrease, have we seen the peak of gas prices? Kai asks Marketplace's Jeremy Hobson.

Energy costs force Dow to raise prices

Dan Grech | May 28, 2008
Blaming rising energy prices, Dow Chemical announced plans to raise prices on its products this weekend. Marketplace's Dan Grech explains how others may be tempted to follow suit.

A Wedding and a Mortgage

Chris Farrell | May 28, 2008
Question: Hi Marketplace, I've got a couple good things going for me right now. I just got a new job that pays a lot more than my old one, and I'm...
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Lower oil prices here to stay?

Jeremy Hobson | May 28, 2008
The price of oil dropped this week to $127 a barrel, and there's reason to believe it may stay lower. Jeremy Hobson gets feedback from an oil analyst who says oil prices have traditionally been higher around Memorial Day.
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Taiwan, China talk economy

| May 28, 2008
For the first time in almost 60 years, high-level heads of China and Taiwan met to discuss economic cooperation. Lisa Chow reports from Beijing this could leave mainland Chinese free to visit Taiwan whenever they wanted.

UBS to staff: Don't visit U.S.

Stephen Beard | May 28, 2008
In the midst of a tax evasion scandal in the U.S., UBS has reportedly told some of its staff not to travel there for fear of being arrested by U.S. authorities. Stephen Beard explains why the request was made.
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Fighting to stay on top of rental game

| May 28, 2008
Netflix and Blockbuster are both up against big contenders as Apple and Amazon grow their online movie businesses. Jennifer Collins reports how the two rental companies plan to fend off competition.
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Prices up? Off to the dollar store

Alisa Roth | May 28, 2008
Rising prices are causing dollar stores across the country to see a surge in their business. Alisa Roth visits one in New York to see what she can get, and how inflation can actually hurt these stores down the road.