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This loan courtesy of stem-cell research

Janet Babin | Dec 12, 2007
California has set aside $3 billion for stem-cell research, but a lot of it is currently just sitting around waiting to be used. Janet Babin reports Congress is considering using the cash as "biotech bank" loans.

Birth-control price tough to swallow

| Dec 12, 2007
College women have been able to get discounted birth-control pills at school clinics for 17 years. But new government cutbacks have now pushed up the price from around $10 to close to $50. Caitlan Carroll reports.
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More the Fed can do than a rate cut?

| Dec 12, 2007
While the quarter-point cut from the Fed may have not been the break the market had anticipated, a new facility may be emerging for those still worried about the credit crunch. Doug Krizner talks to Jamie Chisholm from The Financial Times in London.

Truckers cause traffic jams at pump

| Dec 12, 2007
The truckers' strike in Italy is rolling into day three, and aside from frustrating customers with empty shelves, it's also causing long lines at gas stations. Megan Williams has more.
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Bad economy? Let's do lunch anyway

Jeremy Hobson | Dec 12, 2007
Despite talk of a recession, the National Restaurant Association says people are eating out more. Jeremy Hobson reports why the restaurant industry has more of an influence now than it did two decades ago.
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Dial-up prices catching up with times

| Dec 12, 2007
If you're using AT&T dial-up because it's a cheaper way to access the Internet, you may have a decision to make. The company is set to raise prices as much as 60 percent next month. Adriene Hill has more.

U.S. too hard on white-collar criminals

| Dec 12, 2007
U.S. prosecutors have threatened corporate fraud criminals the NatWest Three with prison sentences longer than those murderers serve in the U.K. Commentator David Frum thinks this is an example of a larger problem.

Seniors becoming old hands at Wii

| Dec 11, 2007
Still looking for a Nintendo Wii game console? Good luck. Because you just might have to fight your grandmother to get one. Jennifer Collins reports. takes an eraser to Web search

Lisa Napoli | Dec 11, 2007
Looking for a competitive edge in its pursuit of Google, the search company is marketing a way to erase the trail of digital bread crumbs you can leave behind. Lisa Napoli reports.

With no new shows, NBC gives refunds

Jeff Tyler | Dec 11, 2007
The Hollywood writers strike has halted production of new TV episodes, so NBC has begun giving money back to advertisers who had paid in advance. Other networks may follow. Jeff Tyler reports.
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