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Zimbabwe economy needs foreign help

Kai Ryssdal | Apr 7, 2008
Whoever is declared the winner of Zimbabwe's presidential election will have his hands full dealing with the nation's shattered economy. Kai Ryssdal talks with economist Tony Hawkins in Harare, Zimbabwe, about the job ahead.

What's the benefit of national service?

| Apr 7, 2008
A growing movement is calling for a national service program that would require younger Americans to spend a year in the military or community service. But so far, says commentator and potential national service draftee Ben Casnocha, proponents are sending mixed messages.

Businesses look 'Beyond the Conviction'

| Apr 7, 2008
Job prospects for ex-cons are pretty dim, especially when the Internet makes it easy to dig up a person's past. But in Kansas City, Mo., some business owners are willing to give an ex-offender a second chance. Sylvia Maria Gross reports.
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Amazon contest promotes new business

Lisa Napoli | Apr 7, 2008
A bartender and former high school teacher has won a fiction-writing contest sponsored by and Penguin Books. The competition is part of Amazon's promotion of its new self-publishing business. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Yahoo wants more from Microsoft

Sam Eaton | Apr 7, 2008
Microsoft is giving Yahoo's management three weeks to accept its takeover bid before it goes straight to shareholders. But Yahoo's CEO says Microsoft just needs to make a better offer. Sam Eaton reports.
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2 major deals amid credit crisis

Jill Barshay | Apr 7, 2008
Troubled mortgage lender Washington Mutual is close to nailing down $5 billion from a private equity firm. And, Switzerland's Novartis is spending $39 billion for a majority stake in the U.S. eye-care company Alcon. Jill Barshay reports.
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Free trade deal depends on Democrats

| Apr 7, 2008
The U.S. has sent Colombia billions in aid and offers sweetheart trade terms on exports such as flowers and coffee. But when it comes to approving a trade deal, the Democrats in Congress stand in the way.
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Conference targets cyber threats

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Apr 7, 2008
Computer security specialists and those who need them are at a conference in San Francisco today to check out the latest in cyber-security. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Newspaper site tries social networking

| Apr 7, 2008
USA Today has jumped into the world of social networking by inviting readers to post their own photos and even start a blog on Lenora Chu reports.

What is the real cost of Iraq war?

John Dimsdale | Apr 7, 2008
The Pentagon is expected this week to ask Congress for more than $100 million to pay for the Iraq war through September. John Dimsdale learns that the real cost is actually higher.
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