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Credit Suisse suffers more losses

Stephen Beard | Apr 24, 2008
Switzerland's second-largest bank is writing off $2 billion for the first quarter. But then again, UBS, Switzerland's biggest bank, lost $37 billion. Reporting from London, Stephen Beard looks into possible cautious optimism for Credit Suisse.

Ford to post quarterly earnings today

Jill Barshay | Apr 24, 2008
America's hunger for energy-efficiency cars isn't doing much for auto makers whose lineups favor pickup trucks and SUVs. One of those, the Ford Motor Company is expected to report a fourth-quarter loss today. Jill Barshay reports
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Making Italian salami in Nanjing

| Apr 24, 2008
The newest wave of entrepreneurs in China is foreigners. Like Matteo Gonella, who's introducing the Chinese to salami by making it in his factory there. Jamila Trindle looks into how such business pioneers are doing.
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Canceling Credit Cards

Chris Farrell | Apr 24, 2008
Question: I would like to cancel some of my credit cards that I no longer use. I'm concerned about identity theft, and about fees charged on cards...
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Vegas gambles on downtown upgrade

| Apr 24, 2008
Here we are in an economic downturn and, in Las Vegas today, workers are breaking ground on infrastructure for a $6 billion project that includes residential space. Jeremy Hobson asks why that's not a bad idea.
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House redefines small business

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Apr 24, 2008
A House bill, passed late last night, now allows venture capitalists to invest in up to 49.1 percent of a small business. Nancy Marshall Genzer looks into how the change affects competition for government contracts.
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If demand is down, why aren't prices?

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Apr 23, 2008
The nationwide average price for a gallon of gas is now $3.53, and there's not much doubt it's going to hit $4 soon enough. But the Energy Department says gasoline demand is actually lower than a year ago. So what's going on? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Saudis slow to accept working women

Kelly McEvers | Apr 23, 2008
To reduce its dependence on foreign workers, Saudi Arabia's government is hiring more women and encouraging the private sector to do the same. But change isn't coming easily. Kelly McEvers reports from Riyadh.
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It's good Social Security didn't change

| Apr 23, 2008
When the economy and the stock market were humming right along, a lot of people thought it might be a good idea to invest Social Security funds in the market. But commentator Robert Reich says we're lucky we didn't.
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Those Mac users think they're so cool

Andrea Gardner | Apr 23, 2008
A new marketing study has found Mac owners tend to think they're more extraordinary than the average Joe. They're also more likely than PC users to whiten their teeth, drive hybrids, drink Starbucks coffee and eat organic food. Andrea Gardner reports.