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This will be the summer of Bunco!

| Jun 11, 2007
Commentator Sandra Tsing Loh shares her latest obsession with a game that's gaining widespread popularity. It takes luck and absolutely no skill.
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Brokerages seen as possible takeover targets

Bob Moon | Jun 11, 2007
Some independent brokerage houses are seeing their business shrinking, which has some analysts predicting that they might be ripe for a takeover. Bob Moon reports.
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Google called worst at protecting privacy

Lisa Napoli | Jun 11, 2007
The activist group Privacy International issued a report about Internet companies it says are the worst about protecting consumer privacy. It ranked Google as the worst. Lisa Napoli reports.

A big day for business at the Supreme Court

Steve Henn | Jun 11, 2007
The Supreme Court released four, unanimous business-related opinions today. There was some bad news for Big Tobacco. And, as Steve Henn reports, it wasn't such a good day for unions either.
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LBO debt

Chris Farrell | Jun 11, 2007
There's been a lot of speculation in the papers the last several days that the recent rise in Treasury yields will cool down private equity...

What are Chinese Stocks Really Worth?

Chris Farrell | Jun 11, 2007
Domestic Chinese stocks trade at stratospheric price/earnings multiples. It's essentially a closed market to foreign buyers. There is a search on...

Testosterone gel targets 'male menopause'

Stephen Beard | Jun 11, 2007
Like women, middle-aged men can often experience the side-effects of decreasing levels of hormones. A Scottish company hopes for a U.S. license for a gel that could change all that. Stephen Beard reports.
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Smoke-free 'coffee shops' in Amsterdam?

Rico Gagliano | Jun 11, 2007
Next year's smoking ban on all Dutch restaurants and bars will have a unique effect on shops that specialize in selling marijuana and hashish. At least, that's what correspondent Rico Gagliano seems to remember...
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Housing slumps, but homes still pricey

Steve Tripoli | Jun 11, 2007
Stagnating wages combined with a growing number of house-hungry families could lead to a housing affordability challenge that could have ripple effects for the U.S. economy. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Citizen ethics panel to watch over Congress

| Jun 11, 2007
Advisors from outside Congress will be able to report potential violations to the House Ethics Committee. But critics say that without subpoena powers, the panel has no teeth. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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