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Candidate platforms and lost sustainable economic development

Heidi Siegelbaum | Jan 1, 2008
Like Janne said, cellulosic ethanol is on the lips of every candidate, particularly after we collectively wiped the corn smudge off our faces when...

Finding her voice by starting over

| Jan 1, 2008
Rene Marie, a former bank teller, has been living her dream by performing as a jazz singer. Her earnings aren't as steady as those she enjoyed from the bank, but she says that's the price of freedom. Jo Giese reports.
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Why not break the money taboo?

| Jan 1, 2008
When you get together with your friends, do you share your financial situations? Commentator Shira Boss says a lot of us would profit from talking about our money issues.

Be ready for lots of reruns

Tess Vigeland | Jan 1, 2008
The television industry is in limbo with no new talks scheduled to settle the Writers Guild strike. Host Tess Vigeland talks with Los Angeles Times television reporter Scott Collins about what will be on the tube in the next few months.
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Reflecting, rebuilding in New Orleans

| Jan 1, 2008
Hurricane Katrina was one of the biggest lessons in being financially ready for the worst. Sam Eaton visited New Orleans for the second anniversary back in August. He found three lifelong residents who returned after the storm with a newfound sense of how to prepare for the next one.

Finding lessons in investment clubs

Tess Vigeland | Jan 1, 2008
Based on her reporting on investment clubs this past year, host Tess Vigeland has resolved to join one herself in 2008. She shares some of her experiences with the members of a Virginia club called Formerly Baroque.
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A banner year for clean energy

Sam Eaton | Jan 1, 2008
There were plenty of downward spirals, busts and crunches in the 2007 economy, but investment in clean energy took off with plenty of big players getting involved. Sam Eaton reports.
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New York on board with airline rights

Jill Barshay | Jan 1, 2008
The state of New York is the first to enact an Airline Passenger Bill of Rights, requiring that passengers have certain needs fulfilled if they have to wait on the tarmac. Jill Barshay reports some airlines are protesting the measure.
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China needs to spend some time off

Scott Tong | Jan 1, 2008
New rules are giving Chinese employees something most Americans take for granted: paid days off. Scott Tong reports this is especially good for encouraging spending, as Chinese workers save too much.
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Zapping trash with man-made lightening

Janet Babin | Jan 1, 2008
With landfill space at a premium, a group of scientists think they have a solution: a machine that turns trash into small pellets and fuel. But is it practical? Janet Babin explores the debate over plasma gasification