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Sharia student loans

Rico Gagliano | Mar 7, 2008
Avoiding interest has forced some Muslim student loan seekers to get pretty creative. Rico Gagliano learns about financing higher education under Sharia law.
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The Falling Dollar

Chris Farrell | Mar 7, 2008
Question: The dollar continues to hit new lows almost every day. What is the retired investor to do to protect his/her portfolio from the effects...

Muslim mortgages

Tess Vigeland | Mar 7, 2008
How do you buy a house when your religion bars you from paying interest? Tess Vigeland visited the Zerroug family to learn how they structured the purchase of their Pasadena, Calif., home.
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Americans in Dubai

Sean Cole | Mar 7, 2008
Nearly 80 percent of the people who live in Dubai are ex-pats, including 20,000 American citizens. Sean Cole brings us a few of their stories.

Filipinos protest Chinese influence

Scott Tong | Mar 7, 2008
Many Filipinos have taken to the streets to protest President Gloria Arroyo's policies with China. They are alleging corruption in Chinese-funded infrastructure projects, including one for a large-scale rail line. Scott Tong reports.
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Outsiders don't make good CEOs

Tess Vigeland | Mar 7, 2008
Commentator and management expert Joseph Bower says when it comes to hiring a new CEO, candidates within the corporation are usually better at the job than outsiders.
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CEOs defend their prime-choice salaries

| Mar 7, 2008
Chief executives from three top mortgage lenders hit by the subprime mortgage crisis went before a congressional panel to answer lawmakers' questions on how they were able to earn hundreds of millions of dollars while their companies were bleeding money. John Dimsdale reports.
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Week on Wall Street

Tess Vigeland | Mar 7, 2008
Stockbroker and business analyst David Johnson chats with host Tess Vigeland about what happened on Wall Street this week and what may lie ahead.
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Rice market is heating up

| Mar 7, 2008
The United States produces less than 2% of the world's rice, so the grain isn't a big part of our commodities trading. But with a recent hike in prices, the rice market is starting to swell. Adriene Hill reports.
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Nursing the homeless back to health

Jeff Tyler | Mar 7, 2008
Many homeless patients in Los Angeles hospitals aren't discharged in a timely manner because they have nowhere to go to recuperate. Jeff Tyler reports a new program is trying to address the problem.
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