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Writers stuck on the disc issue

Bob Moon | Nov 2, 2007
Before Hollywood knew the power of DVD and Internet sales, writers took a cut of residuals that today they want doubled. Variety's Michael Speier discusses more motives of a potential writers' strike with Bob Moon.

Inflated home appraisals? Rings a bell

Bob Moon | Nov 2, 2007
New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is charging Washington Mutual and a major real-estate appraisal firm with inflating home values nationwide. Bob Moon reports Marketplace looked into this -- over two years ago.
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Overseas markets feel Wall Street fall

Stephen Beard | Nov 2, 2007
The European markets reacted swiftly to yesterday's slide on Wall Street. As Stephen Beard reports, investors are worried the subprime crunch could be entering a second, nastier phase.
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Wall Street donates its wisdom

Jill Barshay | Nov 2, 2007
Wall Street is the last thing you'd think a nonprofit involved with charities would want to emulate. But Jill Barshay reports one company is using stock-exchange mentality to keep giving organizations in line.
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What the gas pump's not telling you

Dan Grech | Nov 2, 2007
Oil is almost at $100 barrel, but gas prices have yet to rise as substantially. Dan Grech looks into why the cost of unleaded hasn't reflected the price of crude and when that might change.
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Feast, famine on China-Burma border

Scott Tong | Nov 1, 2007
Burma is Asia's economic basketcase, even though it sits next door to China. Scott Tong recently traveled to the border and witnessed a stark contrast between the two sides.

The business of being Bode Miller

Tess Vigeland | Nov 1, 2007
Professional skier Bode Miller has started competing on his own, after 10 years with the U.S. national team. So far he's garnered $1 million in corporate sponsorships. Our business-of-sports commentator Diana Nyad has some thoughts about the niche he's carving.
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Digital marketers are watching the kids

| Nov 1, 2007
Commentator Kathryn C. Montgomery says most kids who are active in online social networks don't realize they're also part of elaborate, virtual focus groups that could put their privacy at risk.

Tax man catches up to car-sharing

| Nov 1, 2007
Drivers who use car-sharing services in the state of Washington will now have to pay almost 10% in car-rental taxes. Users call it a penalty on doing right by the environment. Cathy Duchamp reports.
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China increase pumps up world oil price

John Dimsdale | Nov 1, 2007
China's citizens awoke to a 10 percent hike in their gas prices today. And that's one big reason why world oil prices breached $96 a barrel. John Dimsdale explains the cause and effect.
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