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Global Fast: Creating economies in Haiti

Dan Grech | Feb 6, 2008
Instead of donating food, one young man had a better idea: He founded a charity to teach Haitians modern fishing methods, and create an economy. Dan Grech reports on the mission of Global Fast.
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BHP, China battle in minerals market

Scott Tong | Feb 6, 2008
The world's largest mining firm sweetens its bid to buy a rival. But China has an insatiable appetite for metals, and fears monopoly pricing. Scott Tong reports.
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The economics of tolerance

| Feb 6, 2008
When the economy's good, Americans tend to act better toward their fellow citizens. But commentator Will Wilkinson says in a sliding economy, we tend to slam the gates of opportunity.
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Have Fun

Chris Farrell | Feb 6, 2008
Question: My husband and I are in our mid 30's, no kids, both have good incomes and we're putting money away towards our retirement through our...

Halston's in a hurry to market

Lisa Napoli | Feb 6, 2008
Most of the designer clothes seen during New York's Fashion Week won't hit retail racks for months. But the upscale fashion house is going online with its latest line. Lisa Napoli reports.

Luxury homebuilder hitting a wall

Steve Tripoli | Feb 6, 2008
Toll Brothers is facing a big drop in orders, and they're in good shape compared to the rest of the home construction industry. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Predictifying the future

Sean Cole | Feb 5, 2008
A new website,, is trying to make collective wisdom into a profitable business by allowing people to guess the outcomes of everything from elections to stock prices. Marketplace's Sean Cole reports.

Letters from our listeners

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 5, 2008
The mailbox is bursting with your comments: your thoughts on the new patriotic passport, the economic stimulus package rebate checks and moving up the California primary.

Whatever happened to Netscape?

Lisa Napoli | Feb 5, 2008
At one time Netscape, one of the first Web browsers, was unparalleled in its popularity. Now it's all but forgotten and AOL's going to pull the plug on it. Lisa Napoli reports on Netscape's noteworthy history.

Kraft tries out cream cheese on JetBlue

Jeff Tyler | Feb 5, 2008
JetBlue announced that it would work with Kraft Foods to taste test a new reduced-fat cream cheese on some of its flights. But is it a good idea to use airline passengers as captive product testers? Jeff Tyler reports.