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Subprime fallout pumps oil-market fears

Bob Moon | Aug 6, 2007
A week after crude oil prices reached record highs, the oil markets are looking as jittery as stocks. Oil traders are hoping the subprime mortgage spill-over doesn't become a gusher. Bob Moon reports.
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Phone records are now an open book

Lisa Napoli | Aug 6, 2007
The wiretapping bill that President Bush has signed into law has privacy rights people reeling. Lisa Napoli takes a closer look at what was included and left out of the legislation.
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Will outbreak weaken U.K. economy?

Stephen Beard | Aug 6, 2007
Farming experts in Britain say the latest outbreak of hoof and mouth disease appears to have been contained. But the outbreak could hurt the U.K.'s wider rural economy. Stephen Beard reports.
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Chrysler makes surprising CEO choice

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 6, 2007
Chrysler's choice of Bob Nardelli as its new CEO is turning some heads, given the way he was shown the door at Home Depot. Kai Ryssdal talks with Jeff Sonnenfeld at the Yale School of Management about the move.
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Does poor Haiti have gold in its future?

| Aug 6, 2007
With the price of gold doubling in the last two years, geologists are combing the hillsides of Haiti in search of a lucky strike. But prospective miners face plenty of pitfalls. Reed Lindsay reports.

A big box just for the old folks

Kyle James | Aug 6, 2007
In Germany, there's a big-box store geared specifically to the over-60 crowd. Kyle James reports that it's a perfect mix of marketing and demographics.
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Rocking the video-game world

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 6, 2007
The video game "Guitar Hero" from Activision has struck a chord with gamers and given market leader Electronic Arts something to fret about. Kevin Periera of G4 television has been taking notes.

Brits must stamp out foot & mouth again

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Aug 6, 2007
The U.K.'s meat and livestock industry is still suffering the effects of 2001's foot and mouth disease outbreak, not to mention mad cow, so the government's acting swiftly to minimize the impact of this latest case. Stephen Beard reports.
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How the Bancrofts lost the Journal

Scott Jagow | Aug 6, 2007
Rupert Murdoch last week managed to swing a couple Bancrofts over to his side to buy Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal, but Allan Sloan says the damage was done a long time ago, way back when the family first set up the public stock offering.
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To educate a workforce or import one?

Stephen Beard | Aug 6, 2007
The British government is asking businesses to foot part of the bill to educate the millions of citizens there who lack basic literacy skills. Some have embraced the idea, but a major business coalition says N-O. Stephen Beard reports.
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