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Drama surrounding SAG talks

| Jun 13, 2008
The Screen Actors Guild's is willing to keep actors working without a deal as long as talks continue with studios. But SAG's head is coming down on another actor's union. Renita Jablonski talks to Variety's Stuart Levine.
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In Praise of Speculators

Chris Farrell | Jun 13, 2008
Want to silence a group of colleagues at work or friends at dinner? Heap praise on speculators--and the market bubbles they help create....

Building pressure on construction

Alisa Roth | Jun 13, 2008
A Brooklyn construction site owner is being charged with manslaughter after the death of one of his workers on the job this week. Alisa Roth looks into whether this will encourage employers to make work safety a priority.
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Saudi summit to confront oil anger

Stephen Beard | Jun 13, 2008
Ministers from oil-producing and oil-consuming nations are due to meet for an emergency summit in Saudi Arabia this Sunday. Stephen Beard reports whether talks will help lower prices or if meetings will be just talk.

Playing on pro golf's turf

Scott Jagow | Jun 13, 2008
Big golf fans will soon be able to play on the same courses as the pros did during the U.S. Open. Scott Jagow talks to sports commentator Diana Nyad about why accessible courses are starting to host the tournament.
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Food a political football in Zimbabwe

Jeremy Hobson | Jun 13, 2008
Many Zimbabweans rely on the efforts of international food aid to sustain themselves, but President Robert Mugawe is starting to forbid access to these supplies based on a political agenda. Jeremy Hobson has more.
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Price of corn is popping up

Sarah Gardner | Jun 13, 2008
Corn futures surpass the $7 a bushel mark this week, and some are predicting prices are headed much higher. Sarah Gardner reports what other high food prices we might be able to expect with the rising cost of corn.
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Microsoft's out, Google's in

Bob Moon | Jun 12, 2008
A big shake-up in the search business: Microsoft's bid is off the table and Yahoo has announced a partnership with Google. Kai Ryssdal gets the latest developments form Marketplace's Bob Moon.
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The reanimation of Pixar

Kai Ryssdal | Jun 12, 2008
Kai Ryssdal talks to author David Price about animation studio Pixar's transformation from failing computer company to Hollywood darling.
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Start with spending cuts

| Jun 12, 2008
In this presidential campaign there'll be lots of debate over how to pay for budget priorities. Some argue for tax increases because, they tell us, we can't cut federal spending. Economist and commentator Glenn Hubbard thinks otherwise.