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NBA, NCAA may transform recruiting

Tess Vigeland | Mar 6, 2008
The NBA and the NCAA are considering partnering in order to change the way they train and develop young recruits. Tess Vigeland talks to Diana Nyad about how they're trying to create the next Lebron James through training that starts as early as high school.
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Berlin's Polar Bears migrate west

| Mar 6, 2008
The Berlin Polar Bears, a hockey team founded in East Germany, will be leaving their communist-era arena in East Berlin for a new arena in West Berlin. But many of their loyal fans worry American-style sports capitalism will kill the team's spirit. Brett Neely reports.
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Another fake memoir dupes publishers

Stacey Vanek Smith | Mar 6, 2008
The memoir "Love and Consequences," about a woman's life in South Central Los Angeles, has been uncovered as a hoax. It's the latest of several fictionalized memoirs that have slipped through the publishing industry. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Study: Subprimes aimed at minorities

Dan Grech | Mar 6, 2008
Minorities were targeted more by subprime lending than other borrowers, even when they may have qualified for traditional loans, according to a new study. Dan Grech reports.

Macy's stops monthly sales reports

Bob Moon | Mar 6, 2008
This month Macy's joined the ranks of retail companies which have abandoned monthly retail-sales reports. Bob Moon reports the company could be trying to hide from embarrassing numbers.
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Work not enough for Iraqi refugees

Alisa Roth | Mar 6, 2008
Once civil servants in their home in Baghdad, Ayssir and Maher now work small jobs round the clock to provide for their family in Jordan. But they still rely on the help of friends to get by (Part 4 of a series).
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Egypt's newfound labor movement

Scott Jagow | Mar 6, 2008
Textiles are a huge employer in Egypt, but workers have started protesting their wages. In an unusual move, the government met the demands of thousands of strikers last year. Scott Jagow asks American University's Joel Beinin why.

Economies need more than just oil

| Mar 6, 2008
For many Americans, the Middle East all boils down to oil. But commentator Dennis Ross notes development lags in Middle Eastern countries. To solve the problem, they're seeking to diversify their economies.

Egyptian start-ups battle red tape

Amy Scott | Mar 6, 2008
Egyptian entrepreneurs have many hurdles ahead of them to start a business, from finding money to surviving a gauntlet of paperwork. Amy Scott talks to young business owners in Egypt to hear more about their struggle.
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A 401(k) "Margin Call"

Chris Farrell | Mar 5, 2008
Question: My former employer has gone into receivership and I was informed that they will be terminating their 401k program. I would have rolled...