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Carriers afraid they'll cough up for CO2

| Dec 21, 2007
A new E.U. bill setting CO2 limits for planes allows carriers to buy emissions permits at auctions. But Megan Williams reports the law is making some carriers anticipate paying billions and increasing ticket prices.
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Trouble spied in cyber-security plan

Jeremy Hobson | Dec 21, 2007
A new cyber-security plan is aiming to protect the government from not just individual hackers, but also other governments. Jeremy Hobson reports concerns over government spying have stunted the program.
Posted In: Crime

Berliners get no rest from shopping

| Dec 21, 2007
Not long ago, shopping on a Sunday was forbidden in Germany because the constitution declared it a day of rest. But Brett Neely reports the rules are changing in Berlin, and some consider it a sin.
Posted In: Retail

When writers strike, losses mount

Stacey Vanek Smith | Dec 21, 2007
The Hollywood writers may be able to drum up support for their cause, but not without costing the local economy millions. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports on the projected losses to the entertainment industry if the strike lasts into May.
Posted In: Entertainment, Jobs

Wall Street not so merry over bonuses

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Dec 21, 2007
Some positive analysts think the bonuses on Wall Street will come up, and others hear that bonuses are down. Ashley Milne-Tyte tells us who is most likely to walk away with a healthy check.
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Fewer stamps in your passport

| Dec 20, 2007
If you're going to be traveling in Europe, you'll no longer need to flash your passport at most border crossings. Megan Williams reports that the new rules are expected to help tourism, but some Western European countries aren't happy.
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Our 'Rock Band' needs some practice

Kai Ryssdal | Dec 20, 2007
The video music game Rock Band has built a Christmas-season buzz among gamers and the less technically inclined. Kai Ryssdal and some Marketplace rockers checked it out with Kevin Pereira from G4 television.
Posted In: Entertainment

Foreign-controlled funds raise concerns

John Dimsdale | Dec 20, 2007
In the past couple of months Citigroup and Morgan Stanley have sold off slices of themselves in exchange for billion of dollars from funds controlled by China and Abu Dhabi. John Dimsdale reports on the evolving politics of global finance.
Posted In: Investing

Bond insurers set off subprime shutter

Jill Barshay | Dec 20, 2007
MBIA, the country's biggest bond insurer, announced today it's backing far more subprime debt than anybody thought. Jill Barshay has more on what that might mean for the bond market.

OK'd deal makes 'data-mining colossus'

Lisa Napoli | Dec 20, 2007
The Federal Trade Commission has voted to let Google buy the ad company DoubleClick, despite privacy advocates' warnings of terrible consequences. Meanwhile, the European Union is still considering the deal. Lisa Napoli reports.
Posted In: Science