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New paper hopes to be read all over

Kai Ryssdal | Mar 13, 2008
Abu Dhabi is about to launch an English-language newspaper that it plans to make into the Gulf's paper of record. Kai Ryssdal talked with its Deputy Editor Hassan Fattah, formerly of The New York Times.

Emirates Airlines enjoys more thrust

Kai Ryssdal | Mar 13, 2008
On his trip to Dubai, Kai Ryssdal flew on Emirates Airlines, one of the top 10 airlines in the world measured by passengers carried and miles flown. But it's not operated like other airlines. Here's his report.

Could olive oil get peace moving?

Sam Eaton | Mar 13, 2008
Can economic cooperation with olive growers aid efforts at peaceful co-existence between Palestinians and Israelis? Sam Eaton reports.

Carlyle fund at end of the road

Stephen Beard | Mar 13, 2008
The troubled mortgage bond fund of the Carlyle Group is near collapse. As Stephen Beard reports, it may be sign the Fed's plan to stabilize the credit markets isn't working.
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We just have to ride it out

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Mar 13, 2008
U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is in Washington today to discuss his plan for avoiding another credit crunch. But Nancy Marshall Genzer reports the crisis is likely to last over the next couple of months.
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How "eco" is the Ecopod?

| Mar 13, 2008
An eco-friendly coffin producer in the U.K. has given some funeral advocates sticker shock over its expensive biodegradable caskets. And April Dembosky reports environmental advocates also question the company's commitment to green.

Industries that survive retail trauma

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Mar 13, 2008
A wan retail sales report may be looming, but goods like discount food and prescription drugs can weather an economic downturn pretty well. Ashley Milne-Tyte looks at the bright side, but reports no one is recession-proof.
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Budgeting to buy troubled mortgages

Sam Eaton | Mar 13, 2008
A coalition of community organizations wants the federal government to buy up troubled mortgages from banks at a discounted rate to take pressure off of homeowners. Sam Eaton reports on how this could affect the bottom line.
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Rail boom pushes greener trains

Sarah Gardner | Mar 13, 2008
The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to announce new rules requiring cleaner engines on trains. But some say trains have a while to go before they're a pollutant-avoiding alternative. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Dollar losing grip in parts of Middle East

Jill Barshay | Mar 13, 2008
Some Middle Eastern countries are reconsidering their ties to the U.S. dollar after it hit record lows against the euro. But Jill Barshay reports why bigger Gulf states will likely stick to the currency.
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