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Letters from our listeners

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 19, 2008
The mailbox is bursting with your comments: your thoughts on Netscape's demise, wearable nanotechnology, Washington lobbyists, Girl Scout cookies and Valentine's Day gifts.

The buzz about medicinal honey

Caitlan Carroll | Feb 19, 2008
A special kind of honey derived from the Manuka plant is showing up in doctor's offices as a wound remedy. Caitlan Carroll reports how some patients have seen dramatic results from the bee by-product.
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Presidency a big job for one person

| Feb 19, 2008
Commentator Charles Handy says that the U.S. president is expected to be both head of state and prime minister -- two very different roles that are hard to fill adequately by one person. Third in a series.

Will China export its inflation?

Scott Tong | Feb 19, 2008
China reported its inflation rate surged 7.1% from a year ago -- the biggest increase in 11 years. Since Chinese manufacturers have been absorbing much of the inflation, will Chinese export prices be affected? Scott Tong reports.
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Amtrak gets serious about security

John Dimsdale | Feb 19, 2008
Amtrak announced it is ramping up security to keep passengers safe. But some fear the move will cause train travel to get bogged down with airport-like delays. John Dimsdale reports.
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Auction-rate bond fallout continues

Jill Barshay | Feb 19, 2008
Signs of fallout from losses in auction-rate securities issued by cities, hospitals, and schools are beginning to rattle those institutions. Jill Barshay reports on how local governments are considering refinancing into more old-fashioned municipal bonds.

Toll roads could take to the air

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Feb 19, 2008
The FAA wants airplanes to use satellites to help ease congestion, but some aren't happy with a plan to charge a toll in the sky to pay for it. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports delays could get much worse if nothing is done.
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Germans paying for tax evasion

Scott Jagow | Feb 19, 2008
Several hundred wealthy Germans are suspected of evading taxes with the help of a bank in Lichenstein. Scott Jagow talks to reporter Brett Neely in Berlin about the scandal and the "sport" of tax evasion.
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Take control of your nutrition bar

Lisa Napoli | Feb 19, 2008
Anthony Flynn was fed up with nutrition bars with ingredients that weren't very nutritious, so he decided to let people have the option of customizing their own. Lisa Napoli reports on his fast-growing business.
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CO2 a common election concern

Sarah Gardner | Feb 19, 2008
The presidential candidates are working hard to differentiate themselves, but most of them do agree on one thing. Sarah Gardner reports all the leading candidates endorse a limit on CO2 emissions.