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The big stories on the Big Three

Alisa Roth | Dec 28, 2007
Negotiations between the United Auto Workers and the Big Three automakers were expected to be considerably more friendly than they became. Alisa Roth reviews the year in auto industry news with host Renita Jablonski.
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How to look at new home sale figures

Jeremy Hobson | Dec 28, 2007
When sizing up the latest new home sales figures with other key economic factors, things can get confusing. Jeremy Hobson reports how the numbers stack up against jobless claims and durable goods orders.
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Putting stocks in his art

Amy Scott | Dec 27, 2007
A lot of stock traders might have a drink or hit the gym when they lose money. Tom Moran paints. And his trades are his inspiration. Amy Scott visited his studio for this report.
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Finding a bone to pick -- and keeping it!

| Dec 27, 2007
Remember the woman who 15 years ago sued McDonald's for burns she suffered when she spilled their hot coffee on herself? Commentator Karl Meyer certainly did when he bit into some canned tuna.

'Wombs for rent' grows in India

| Dec 27, 2007
Wannabe parents from the United States, Taiwan and Britain are traveling to India in increasing numbers, seeking babies from surrogate mothers. Is it exploitation or opportunity for the mothers, who are highly paid? Sunita Thakur reports.
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Credit crunch will be felt into New Year

Bob Moon | Dec 27, 2007
Credit was the big story on Wall Street this year. With 2008 just a few days away, our Senior Business Correspondent Bob Moon takes a look back with host Amy Scott at the crunch that still has a tight grip on deal-making.
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Click-and-print replacing clip-and-save

Sam Eaton | Dec 27, 2007
If pinching pennies is one of your New Year's resolutions, take note: Coupons are going digital. Next week Valassis Communications plans to launch a website it hopes will reinvent the lowly paper coupon for the Internet age. Marketplace's Sam Eaton reports.

Employers let off one health-care hook

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Dec 27, 2007
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has ruled that companies can cut their retirees' health-care benefits once they turn 65, when Medicare kicks in. The ruling means employers can shift the burden of insuring retirees to the federal government. Nancy Marshall-Genzer reports.
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Bhutto slaying ratchets up instability

Amy Scott | Dec 27, 2007
The assassination of Benazir Bhutto has sent Pakistan spiraling into increased turmoil. Host Amy Scott talks with professor Sumit Ganguly of Indiana University about the tragedy's impact on the nation's democracy movement and economy.

Emergency stash

Chris Farrell | Dec 27, 2007
Question: I'm newly married and trying to put together a plan for budgeting and saving for our future. The book I've been reading suggests...
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