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Europe shares rough economic ride

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Aug 14, 2008
The global market story has been about the bleak U.S. economy for awhile now. But today, the E.U. said Germany, France and Italy had terrible second quarters. Scott Jagow talks about the European markets with Stephen Beard.

Hype could be hurdle for Liu Xiang

| Aug 14, 2008
It's hard to go anywhere in Beijing without seeing the face of hurdler Liu Xiang on billboards, which some fear could eventually lead to the risk of overexposure. But Jamila Trindle reports that might not matter to fans.
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There's truth behind the 'Colbert Bump'

Rico Gagliano | Aug 14, 2008
Legend has it that politicians interviewed on The Colbert Report see a significant bump in fundraising after they appear on the show. Rico Gagliano did a little research and found the numbers backed up the theory.
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Heat pump business is hot, naturally

Dalasie Michaelis | Aug 13, 2008
Increasing energy costs have made geothermal heat pumps an attractive solution to heating buildings. The New York Times reports business is booming...

Picking up loose change makes sense

| Aug 13, 2008
Money might not grow on trees, but it's apparently all over the streets. Sally Herships reports on a New York family that's building a nest egg with small change they find just lying around.

Hurdles for businesses at the Olympics

| Aug 13, 2008
The lower-than-expected turnout at the Olympics is disappointing for corporate sponsors and companies that wanted to do business in China during the Games. But they're hanging in there, Scott Tong reports.
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Fed helps, but needs to be accountable

| Aug 13, 2008
The Fed has bailed out banks, advised them on capital assets and now is issuing regulations for the credit-card industry. But who, asks commentator Robert Reich, is minding the Fed?

More banks to join securities settlement

Bob Moon | Aug 13, 2008
As many as six banks are said to have agreed to buy back securities from the failed auction-rate market as part of a settlement with federal regulators. Is a global settlement in the works? Bob Moon reports.

Huffington Post debuts Chicago version

| Aug 13, 2008
Arianna Huffington debuts the first local franchise of her popular news Web site The Huffington Post, aka "HuffPo," on Thursday. Is this a move on the local news turf? Renita Jablonski reports.
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Offshore drilling proposal gains ground

John Dimsdale | Aug 13, 2008
A group of Senate moderates are in agreement about a proposal that would allow some offshore drilling. John Dimsdale has details on the compromise plan and talked with a few experts about it.
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