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Good News on the Economy

Chris Farrell | Jun 5, 2008
It's easy to get depressed about the economy with oil prices at nosebleed levels, food at the grocery store increasingly expensive and home prices...

Economy eating into restaurant profits

| Jun 5, 2008
The sluggish economy is having a noticeable effect on mid-range restaurant chains like Bennigans. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports many restaurants need to renegotiate their debt in order to stay in business.

Keeping growing economies green

Jeremy Hobson | Jun 5, 2008
A House panel begins debate today over how to spend $2 billion requested for an International Clean Technology Fund. Jeremy Hobson reports the fund aims to reduce the green house gas emissions of developing countries.

Home Equity Loans?

Chris Farrell | Jun 5, 2008
Question: A) Love the show. B) In these uncertain economic times, am I better off getting a Home Equity Loan, or a Home Equity Line of Credit? Oh,...
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Where on Earth is the Stanley Cup?

Scott Jagow | Jun 5, 2008
As part of a long hockey tradition, each member of the team that wins the Stanley Cup holds onto the iconic award for a day. Scott Jagow talks to Cup keeper Phil Pritchard about where the object has traveled.
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Higher net price for downloaders?

Janet Babin | Jun 5, 2008
Time Warner Cable is testing out a new price structure for high-speed Internet access in a small town in Texas where the more you download, the more you pay. Janet Babin reports some consumer watchdogs find the model unfair.
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Federal highway funds in trouble

Steve Henn | Jun 5, 2008
Despite continuing infrastructure problems, the government is having trouble funding highway repairs. Steve Henn explains how the rise in gas prices is directly affecting highway improvement projects.

Let's get serious about public transit

| Jun 4, 2008
Record gas prices are driving commuters to buses and trains in mass. Commentator Robert Reich says unless we're willing to upgrade our transit systems, those drivers won't find anything on public transit but more frustration.
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Airlines eye turboprops to cut costs

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Jun 4, 2008
Technological improvements and better fuel efficiency are making turboprop aircraft look increasingly desirable to cash-strapped airlines. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Cultural training for nurses

Youth Radio | Jun 4, 2008
7 of the 10 fastest-growing jobs are in health care, but as demographics change, doctors and nurses will need new cultural skills to go along with their medical training. Alyssa Wagner has the story.
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