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What now?

Chris Farrell | Aug 20, 2008
Question: I am notoriously bad with my finances, and for basically the past five years since I graduated college, I have ignored them. Of course...

eBay changing its fee model

Dan Grech | Aug 20, 2008
Today, eBay is announcing a new fee structure that emphasizes fixed-price listings. In a move to attract more sellers, eBay will be slashing its fixed-price listing fee by almost 70 percent. Dan Grech reports.
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A look into mounting national debt

Stacey Vanek Smith | Aug 20, 2008
The country's national debt is on its way to hitting $9 trillion next year. How did we get here? Stacey Vanek-Smith talks to Christine O'Malley and Patrick Creadon, who produced and directed the documentary IOUSA.
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BAA and London airports split

Stephen Beard | Aug 20, 2008
Major airports in London have been privately held by a company called BAA for about 20 years. Now regulators are calling for a break-up. Stephen Beard reports what BAA has been criticized for in the past.
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Treo has a new deal-o

Melissa Kaplan | Aug 20, 2008
Come on, admit it -- the iPhone's far from perfect. Given the slew of recent problems the technology has endured lately, it's no wonder the...

Online travel tries new tricks

Renita Jablonski | Aug 20, 2008
Online travel agencies have been working to gin up business in a slow travel season. One idea: Orbitz will start offering vacation rentals. And Renita Jablonski reports if it works for Orbitz, other companies may follow.
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Convention donors have no limits

Steve Henn | Aug 20, 2008
Campaign finance laws may limit the donations lawmakers can accept, but companies and unions can give as much as they want for conventions. Steve Henn looks into how much sponsors can get for a million dollars.

A slew of glitches for iPhone

Jeff Tyler | Aug 20, 2008
From weak or inconsistent signals to dropped calls and poor battery life, Apple has been dealing with a bunch of problems since rolling out its latest iPhone. Jeff Tyler reports why it needs to work these out fast.
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Traffic is lighter in a bad economy

| Aug 20, 2008
Traffic deaths in the United States reached their lowest level in more than a decade last year, but no major change have been made to our cars or highways. Commentator Robert Reich says it's because of the economy.

Using technology to grow more food

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 20, 2008
Hugh Grant is the head of Monsanto, which creates technology to increase harvests. It's also the world's biggest producer of genetically modified seeds. Grant talks about the controversial topic of technology and food.
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