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U.S. health insurance crisis getting worse

Helen Palmer | Aug 28, 2007
The U.S. Census Bureau has some good news and some bad news: There are slightly fewer Americans out of work, but there's also a sharp upturn in the number of people without health insurance. Helen Palmer reports.
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Ratings agencies missed subprime mess

Steve Tripoli | Aug 28, 2007
Ratings agencies once touted investments in subprime mortgages. Now the pain of that market's meltdown is spreading, and many are wondering why the watchdogs fell asleep at the switch. Steve Tripoli reports.
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'Go' Gulf zones two years after Katrina

| Aug 28, 2007
Two years after Hurricane Katrina, much of the Gulf Coast is still in ruins. Half of the $100 billion in aid is tied up in bureaucracy and funds are slow in getting to the hardest-hit areas. Sam Eaton reports.
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Quake fund break a boon for insurers?

| Aug 28, 2007
A new plan could give insurance companies a billion-dollar break on payments to the California Earthquake Authority. Amy Bach of United Policyholders talks about what it means for the industry as a whole.

Thinking like an entrepreneur in college

| Aug 28, 2007
Most new college students are preoccupied with dorms, books and classes. But Claremont McKenna College freshman Ben Casnocha has something else on his mind: How to think like an entrepreneur during his four years.
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Will subprime mess hurt Web ad market?

Tess Vigeland | Aug 28, 2007
The subprime mortgage market was a cash cow for all types of media, and some unlikely areas of that market are feeling the effect. Retail analyst Howard Davidowitz says the hit to Internet advertising could be huge.

Music brings a sparkle to the Emerald City

| Aug 28, 2007
The housing market might be down nationwide, but in Seattle it's riding high. So the Emerald City is working hard to keep its sparkle -- it hired 25 buskers to make music in the city's open spaces. Jamala Henderson reports.
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Abandoned in New Orleans

Scott Jagow | Aug 28, 2007
Aside from annual news specials looking back at the fury of Hurricane Katrina, you don't hear much about New Orleans these days. That might lead you to believe the city's getting back to normal. But you'd be wrong by author Billy Sothern's account. Really wrong.
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Extra layer of protection for ultra-wealthy

| Aug 28, 2007
A wildfire in Idaho is threatening billions of dollars worth of high-end real estate and that has inspired one insurance company to go to unusual measures to avoid getting burned. Elizabeth Wynne Johnson has details.
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A record diamond isn't forever

Gretchen Wilson | Aug 28, 2007
Reports are coming in from South Africa that miners yesterday unearthed a light green diamond more than double the size of what was the world's biggest. If it's assessed to be a similar quality gem, the bidding will be fast and furious, Gretchen Wilson reports.