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Travel with a lot less baggage

| Aug 13, 2007
As anyone who travels by air knows, getting your bags through security can be a serious hassle. So a few businesses that ship luggage door-to-door are finding some new clients. Alex Goldmark reports.
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No bailout, an 'investment opportunity'

Amy Scott | Aug 13, 2007
Goldman Sachs announced it's pouring $3 billion with the help of investors into one of its hedge funds that lost 32% of its value in the past week. It might walk like a bailout and talk like a bailout but, as Amy Scott reports, don't call it a bailout.
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Need a raise? Keep performance high

Helen Palmer | Aug 13, 2007
Many of us are feeling some kind of financial pinch at the moment, what with high energy prices, rising school fees, health insurance costs... But don't count on the boss to help you out much. Helen Palmer reports.
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Beach reads: Taking from the rich...

| Aug 13, 2007
We've asked some of our commentators to give us their picks for the best business beach book ever. Nell Minow kicks off our weeklong series with a classic tale about a thief. Give us your picks, too.
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Syrians' welcome to Iraqis cools

| Aug 13, 2007
The only country in the world that willingly admits Iraqi refugees is Syria. So far, roughly 1.5 million Iraqis have fled there. But some Syrians want the welcome mat rolled up. Jennifer Glasse reports.
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Fed will likely avoid 'moral hazard'

| Aug 13, 2007
Should the Federal Reserve pump money into the system to help out institutional players who took big risks when times were good and money was cheap? Commentator Krishna Guha says that's looking at it the wrong way.

Is there subprime in your portfolio?

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Aug 13, 2007
Chances are some of us have skin in the subprime game too, even if we don't know it. Ashley Milne-Tyte has been looking into how individual investors might get hit.
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Mortgage-backed securities 101

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 13, 2007
Mortgage-backed securities seem to be at the root of the markets' problems these days. So what exactly are they? Kai Ryssdal turns to portfolio manager Mike Hatley to help us all understand.
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No private-equity blues for Blackstone

Amy Scott | Aug 13, 2007
Despite private-equity firms struggling with the credit market clamp down, Blackstone Group still posted a healthy profit last quarter. But Amy Scott reports the company may have more challenges ahead.
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Race for Arctic oil heats up

Sam Eaton | Aug 13, 2007
A team of Danish scientists shipped out this weekend for a month-long mapping expedition in the Arctic Ocean. It's the latest move in what's become a high-stakes race to claim the Arctic's potential oil reserves. Sam Eaton reports.