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Banks fear Europe's reaction to inflation

Stephen Beard | Jun 30, 2008
Inflation is prompting European regulators to start raising interest rates, a move some worry could send the global economy into an even sharper downturn. Stephen Beard reports.
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Students & Credit Cards

Chris Farrell | Jun 30, 2008
Comment: I am listening to your answer to the parents who have a son going to Prague for fall semester. I have two daughters who have just...
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Staying hopeful in bear market territory

Amy Scott | Jun 30, 2008
With analysts expecting weak numbers at the end of June, will July start off any better? Amy Scott reports many investors are moving away from stocks, and whether or not it's officially a bear market is irrelevant.
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New obstacles for potential SAG strike

Stacey Vanek Smith | Jun 30, 2008
The contract between the Screen Actor's Guild and the studios expires tonight, and a major sticking point is how to pay actors for work on the Internet. But Stacey Vanek-Smith reports why they probably won't vote to strike.

Price of commute hurting home care

| Jun 30, 2008
Gas prices are making many home care workers with severe patient commutes consider a new line of work. Michael Caputo looks into the collective number of miles these workers drive and what could be a possible solution.
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Agriculture suffers from small corn crop

Alisa Roth | Jun 30, 2008
Before the corn fields flooded, a lot of farmers decided to forgo planting a massive amount of corn to make room for other commodities. Alisa Roth reports many agricultural businesses are in trouble.
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Crisis more severe than we think

Stephen Beard | Jun 30, 2008
A report out from The Bank for International Settlement is drawing parallels between the current economic crisis and severe slowdowns like the Great Depression. Stephen Beard looks into more specifics of the problem.
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When business slows, so does spending

| Jun 30, 2008
When Phyllis Allen has seen her business dwindle to half the size of about a decade ago. In our latest in a series on people affected by the credit crunch, Kate Archer Kent looks at how Allen has curbed her spending to cope.
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Many not yet giving up on Windows XP

Janet Babin | Jun 30, 2008
Microsoft is removing Windows XP from stores in an effort to hook users onto Vista. But many users are still attached to the old program, and Janet Babin reports problems with Vista mean XP might still be around for awhile.
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Sanctions could hurt Zimbabweans

Gretchen Wilson | Jun 30, 2008
African leaders are meeting to consider how economic sanctions will affect the people of Zimbabwe. Some human rights groups warn sanctions risk making conditions for average Zimbabweans even worse. Gretchen Wilson reports.