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Retail sales down across the board

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Feb 7, 2008
The latest retail figures made for a disappointing January for everyone from teen clothing vendors to Wal-Mart. Nancy Marshall Genzer looks at possible factors in the slump, including high gas prices and gift cards.
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Cities purchase vacancies to help

Jeff Tyler | Feb 7, 2008
A vacant home isn't the most desirable thing on the market, so cities across the country are offering to buy empty houses to help battle foreclosure damage on the real estate market. Jeff Tyler has more.
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No interest rate cut for ECB

Stephen Beard and Doug Krizner | Feb 7, 2008
While the Federal Reserve's cure for an economic slowdown is to cut interest rates, the European Central Bank decided today against that move. Doug Krizner talks to Stephen Beard about where the ECB is most concerned.
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U.S. meets on China's investments

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Feb 7, 2008
The credit crunch has helped make China partial owners of Wall Street banks desperate for financing, and a hearing in Washington will help figure out what China's investments mean to the U.S. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Business backed up at Mexican border

| Feb 7, 2008
Long lines of people waiting to get documents checked at the U.S.-Mexico border is affecting businesses that once enjoyed freedom from a passport requirement. David Martin Davies reports who's affected, and how.
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Flight delays beyond airline control

Rachel Dornhelm | Feb 7, 2008
Last year was the second-worst for flight delays, but some claim the problem may not be with the airlines. Rachel Dornhelm reports a shortage of air traffic controllers may have added to the problem.
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Growing too fast for our infrastructure?

Scott Jagow and Chris Farrell | Feb 7, 2008
Aside from a weak economy, cities around the world are struggling with crumbling infrastructure. Economics correspondent Chris Farrell talks to Scott Jagow about when we might start repairing this long-neglected issue.

Selling A Home in a Down Market

Chris Farrell | Feb 7, 2008
Question: My family lives in a 107-year-old house. We have dreams about a slightly newer home with more yard and more practical family space. We've...
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The Senate is not stimulated

John Dimsdale | Feb 7, 2008
Though close to passing, the economic stimulus package fell short of approval in the Senate by just one vote. John Dimsdale reports what's holding the package back, including an extra $40 billion requested by Senate Democrats.
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Burt's Bees takes on cosmetics

Heidi Siegelbaum | Feb 7, 2008
The Burt's Bees new ad campaign, fashioned by Pool advertising in New York, raises some magnificently sexy issues that are better than a dog-eared...