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Water worries in rural communities

Sam Eaton | Apr 22, 2008
In Washington today, small-town water suppliers compete in an annual taste test. Sam Eaton from Marketplace's Sustainability Desk reports that the real battle in many rural communities is dealing with polluted sources.

Yahoo earnings out today

Stacey Vanek Smith | Apr 22, 2008
Today's edition of the Microsoft-Yahoo saga features quarterly earnings from Yahoo. If Yahoo comes out ahead, it has ammo against Microsoft's takeover bid. If not...? Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

Overseas customers keep earnings up

Alisa Roth | Apr 21, 2008
Banks haven't been doing so well this earnings season, to put it gently. But a good number of companies, from drug maker Merck to toy maker Hasbro -- have been doing well. What do they have in common? Customers overseas. Alisa Roth reports.
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Global crises call for common efforts

| Apr 21, 2008
Some of the world's poorest consumers in Africa and Asia have rioted recently over rising prices of wheat and rice. Economist Jeffrey Sachs, author of "Common Wealth," talks with host Kai Ryssdal about how more food riots and skyrocketing energy costs may be on the way.
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Cheaper suppliers now come at a price

| Apr 21, 2008
American businesses save tons of money buying parts and products from overseas suppliers. But sometimes they're buying worries, too -- from tainted pet food to poisonous toothpaste -- which have led some to work on ethical supply chains. Curt Nickisch reports.
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French flock to film about a simpler life

| Apr 21, 2008
A low-budget comedy movie in France with no big-name stars and little marketing is setting box-office records. Critics say the response to its feel-good message is a backlash against President Sarkozy's flamboyance, or to fears of globalization. John Laurenson reports.
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Pensions are too risky to plan on

| Apr 21, 2008
Commentator and economist Peter Lindert says that for all the talk about a Social Security crisis, the real problem is with private pensions and the risks they hold for retirement.
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Oil producers monitoring rising demand

Jeff Tyler | Apr 21, 2008
It would stand to reason that countries with oil would be trying to increase production so they could cash in on the increasing prices. But that's not the case, as Jeff Tyler reports.
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Ohio's National City bank hit by crisis

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Apr 21, 2008
Ohio-based National City bank, the nation's 10th largest, says it's going to be seeking $7 billion in new capital. It will be looking to private equity firms and hedge funds for help. Ashley Milne-Tyte explains how the mortgage crisis is moving to Main Street.
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Green Cards and Social Security

Chris Farrell | Apr 21, 2008
Question: I have 2 questions: 1: Is it true only US Citizens can collect SS when they retire; Green card holders do not qualify?...
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